Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Lady "Maymore Lady"

"Maymore Lady"
March 24, 2000 - January 18, 2010

Dearly missed by Gilles Fournel

 It is with deep sadness, that I inform you; Lady has passed away on Monday January 18.

Lady became part of our family in September 2005. She immediately made herself at home. She discovered the couch, and quickly made it her own. She made many friends (the 2 legged and also the 4 legged ones). Everyone fell in love with her at first sight. Even Shiloh her boyfriend, the bossy malamute could not resist. She was so gentle, well mannered and so loving. She was a Lady. She enjoyed car rides, walks, and visits to her favorite babysitter, Orlea. She knew good food, she loved fresh salmon (fish was always her favorite), next was lamb. She also loved tasty treats.

Lady went blind last July. She adapted well to her handicap. However her health deteriorated quickly in the past month.

Lady was our joy and pride. We loved her. She will always be in our hearts.

She will be immensely missed.

Lady has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now patiently waiting for her friends.

Lady has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge

Every living being dwells in but a fragile shell here on earth,

Every life form will come to a point when they must cast off their earthly wrapping,

And make their passage to a higher plain of existence,

Lady has journeyed to a reality where pain and mortal restrictions no longer dwell

But please do not be distraught; fore she has arrived at her moment in time to be absolutely free

I will always remember how she enriched my world

Py 2010-01-19

Gilles Fournel