Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Kipper "Doc's Dav Kip "

"Doc's Dav Kip "
January 1, 1995 - October 7, 2007

Dearly missed by Moira and Mike Corrigan

Kipper came to us as a foster in August of 2001 as his family was moving to Hawaii. Kipper went through a couple of adoptive homes after that and several foster homes (including ours a couple of times). He finally came back to us as a foster and we adopted him in April 2002.

Kipper was always pretty laid back and quiet on the surface. Once you got to know him he was quite the character. My husband always described him as a wise soul with a calm depth. After all those moves, Kipper never liked change and car rides were not his thing.

Kipper always loved our walks and he was my gardening buddy (or should I say, supervisor). If I was out working in the garden there was Kipper laying somewhere nearby making sure I did things right. He loved to lie in the sun and soak up the heat. And boy did he love our wood stove – he was first to nab the bed closest to the stove on those cold days.

He had the cutest ears that stood straight up (sort of like a Doberman) when he was interested in something. And he had the most unusual coat I’ve ever seen on a greyhound –very fine, fine hair and it was almost a blue black.

Food was Kipper’s love!! He was the reason we put child-locks on our food cupboards and got rid of the lever handle on our pantry door. He’s the only dog I’ve ever seen counter surf that could find a dish on the counter, remove the heavy glass cover and eat what was in the dish without making a sound or moving the dish. Bone night was his passion.

Kipper was always somewhere nearby and was happy to hang wherever we were in the house. He would just flop down next to you on a bed. Or you’d hear a hoarse bark from the other end of the house because he needed something from us or it was dinner time.

In the end he broke a leg running in the yard because of bone cancer we didn’t know he had.

Good-bye my Kipper Love. We’ll miss you greatly!

Moira & Mike
Freeway, Brett, Jasper, Hoss, and Suzzy
Attila, Mac, Niko and Beau at the Rainbow Bridge