Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Jesse "GK's Unruly Jess"

"GK's Unruly Jess"
July 1, 1992 - September 2, 2005

Dearly missed by Angi and Commanche

 The first time I saw Jesse it was destiny. He was a “return” dog and thrown in with a wild bunch fresh off the track. There he sat, shaking uncontrollably trying to shrink into the background. Thus our wonderful journey began. After one month of dealing with Jesse’s anxiety – driven stubbornness – I almost gave up. He would not let me do that! It was the first of many turning points. For about one year we took turns being teacher and student.

Then our delightfully exuberant Barbara came along and tested everything. Jesse remained steadfast, sweet, devoted and ever so patient with her. He never failed to set an example for best behavior, and his sense of orderly routine helped guide us through each day. Above all he cherished his home and his food. Yet he was willing to give up his favorite bed or treasured heat to any other dog living or visiting with us. I would not let him do that! After we lost Barbie last December, Jesse stood by the garden gate every day looking for her. Wrapped up in my own grief, I refused to accept his gradual decline. Jesse was the strong, silent type. He simply never, ever complained. Despite his growing weakness from congestive heart failure he taught his new “little brother” Commanche (adopted July 4th) everything there is to know about our home and habits. Now I know it was Jesse’s parting gift to me, to help carry on his legacy.

On Sept. 2nd I held Jesse in my arms while his broken heart beat for the last time, taking with him a part of my heart and soul rightfully his forever. Farewell my most trusted friend and deeply loved companion. We miss you more than words can ever say.

With all our love,

Angi and Commanche