Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Jax "TDS Jax"

"TDS Jax"
April 11, 2010 - June 15, 2017

Dearly missed by Lisa Pranikay and family

When I adopted Jax, I was looking for a companion to help me through tough times. I sure found one when he approached me, looking very much like the Great Dane he was always mistaken for. I knew my heart was his once he wandered around the outdoor area for a little, then came to stand by my side as if ready to go home.

Every day since then, I’ve learned so much about Jax’s personality. The more he lived with us, the more he relaxed and became the goofball that I will always remember him as. He was stubborn, and some times his gift of selective hearing felt more like a curse. But oh, how he loved life. Jax could walk for miles if you let him, just smelling all the smells. He had a passion for cooked chicken, and could smell it a mile away. He definitely loved humans more than dogs, and he was always on a mission to find himself a human father. The most amazing thing I experienced was the special relationship he had with my parents, who loved him like a grandson. This silly boy found his way into the hearts of everyone in my family, and he took pieces of our hearts on his trip to the Rainbow Bridge.

Jax and I have been through so much together. He’s been with me as I’ve made some hard decisions and he’s loved me through it all. When the pain became intense and medicine wasn’t working, I knew I had to make another hard decision in letting him go. He was my first dog, and he taught me a lot about life. My family and I will miss him forever, and we hope that he’s having a grand old time in Heaven, eating chicken and smiling down on us.

Run fast and free, my little boy. Mummie, Grandma, and Grandpa love you.