Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Jasper "Amazeme Jasper"

"Amazeme Jasper"
March 11, 1996 - March 6, 2009

Dearly missed by Moira and Mike Corrigan

 Jasper came to us as a foster dog in January 2000. He arrived from Colorado with just about the fullest coat I’d ever seen. He was our first foster and we failed fostering (quite happily) and we adopted him in March 2000. Since then he put up with over 100 foster dogs through our home and was always the beta boy throughout.

Jasper was always our real boy. He was our bush crashing, ball playing, digging, and running fool. He loved to run or stroll the trails on our property. In his younger days he would head outside first thing in the morning without the other dogs and run his “track”. Balls were his favorite and he would chase them forever. Jasper loved to run and he would even run in his sleep. Digging was another favorite thing of his and he would go at it like he was digging to China, tail wagging, ears flapping and a smile on his face!! Bone night was a favorite and he always had to have several to run back and forth to – it’s a hard decision deciding which one to chew J
It took Jasper about two years to figure out that this loving thing was pretty good. He was never overly demonstrative, but he’d sneak up beside you or put his head in your lap in the evening and soak up the neck scritches.

Jasper was never any trouble, very easy-going and just happy about life. And he was just so cute with those flying-nun ears and the frown marks on his forehead. And Jasper was one of those few greyhounds that naturally sits.

Jasper loved car rides and going camping and hiking with us. Although car rides were always interesting because he was a little space protective with the other dogs. He also loved the summer when we pulled out the kiddie pool – he loved to lie in the water – especially after a round of ball playing.

Jasper’s racing days took a major toll on his body and he suffered from fairly major spinal damage for his whole life. He also suffered from allergies, but these we were able to control with shots. The spinal damage was finally his undoing and on Friday, March 6th we had to release him from his pain, just five days shy of his 13th birthday.
Good-bye our sweet boy. Our Jasperite. We’ll miss you greatly!

Moira and Mike
Brett, Hoss, Suzzy, Rango and Chief
Attila, Mac, Niko, Beau, Kipper, Freeway, and Papa at the Rainbow Bridge