Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Jag "Kid's Jagger"

"Kid's Jagger"
July 12, 2000 - December 12, 2011

Dearly missed by Sharon Nalivka Hancock and Ed Hancock

I am, unfortunately, writing to let you know that we lost our Dear Jag (Kid’s Jaguar) on December 12th 2010.
He was the sweetest gentlest soul I think I have ever known. I picked Jag up from Coeur d’Alene on August 8, 2003. I remember on the ride back to Montana what a gentleman he was and so mellow. He was immediately part of my heart and will continue to hold a space there as long as I live.

He had a vertebrae that had grown a spur and connected to the next vertebrae. Our vet believes it was probably from a previous track injury. Anyway, when I came home from work on Tuesday the 6th, he was in his usual spot behind the fence to greet me, very happy and playful. By the time I got out of my car he was on the ground and although not paralyzed, he would not get up. After the x-rays it was determined that the spur had snapped and was pushing against the nerve that runs down the spinal column. He tried valiantly for 5 days, with heavy doses of anti-inflamatories and pain killers to work thru it. By Sunday, he let me know with his warm gentle eyes that he had done all he could and it was time for me to let him go.

Okay, here I am crying again!

Anyway, when he took his last breath on Monday morning, I reminded him that Gracie would be waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge and to let her know we missed her but were happy she would be there for him.

Our little female Robin, who we adopted from Race for Adoption, a group that has a chapter here in Montana, is pretty lonesome. She has gotten a lot of extra walks over the past few weeks and has even taken Jag’s spot on the king size bed.

Thank you again for introducing me to these amazing creatures. They have blessed our lives in more ways than I can ever express!

Sharon Nalivka Hancock