Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Isser "Buford Beaumont"

"Buford Beaumont"
July 1, 1992 - February 12, 2002

Dearly missed by Katherine Doherty of Pepper Pike, OHIO
“How he changed my life: Well, where do I start? I was in Seattle visiting a friend and we were at a little up-scale pet merchandise shop in Issaquah. Isser’s foster housemate, River, was there being shown off by the foster takers. I fell in love with River who was known as Toby. I can’t remember the exact details but I went to get River and then saw Isser. Isser had the most indomitable spirit I’ve ever seen. He kept running over to me like an unruly child that just wouldn’t be left behind. While River was quiet and reserved, Isser was just the opposite. I felt that they should stay together so I adopted both. If you’re going to have one greyhound, you really should have two since they keep each other company and, I believe, have a unique way of communicating to each other.”

“Isser was the oldest by 1 year and by the time he reached 9, River usurped his command as alpha male. Up to that time, Isser was always first at everything. I called him my redneck because he wasn’t trying to be mean, he just hadn’t been taught any manners. Isser especially enjoyed the home-cooked meals I made with an occasional rabbit or hedgehog that wasn’t lucky enough to clear the yard before River and Isser went out. While River was my favorite – he is truly a Momma’s boy – Isser was always so cute, such an imp with such a need to be first in everything that you just had to love him. Case in point, here in Cleveland there’s a greyhound rescue association that puts on a reunion every year with lure course. Isser was mesmerized by the white piece of fluff that was being pulled around the course for the dogs to chase. He was SO excited, I had to hand River over to a friend of mine and physically hold Isser until his turn came to chase the ‘bunny.’ He had a BALL and did his Mom proud! River did, too. However, you could see the heart Isser had in him. He had been on the track for 4 years before I got him. A real champion. I’m sure if they had timed the runs, Isser would have been close to first if not first. Anyway, after the lure course both Isser and River were so gimped up even though their feet had been taped I thought I broke my greyts!”

“Just after that experience, while I was out on a working trip to Europe, the nun who was staying with the greyts told me that Isser had jumped off the deck as he usually does and yelped horribly when he landed. That was the beginning of his demise. I knew immediately that something was wrong when she told me even though I wasn’t home and couldn’t see his leg. Something in my heart told me there was a big problem. The nun had an x-ray done and my vet felt it was osteosarcoma. He sent me to a specialist who felt that it wasn’t necessary to do an aspiration but I could either let it go, amputate, and/or give him chemo. I decided to let it go since I wanted only the highest quality of life for him, a natural runner. Four months later, he was still around and his joint was just slightly swollen. My vet hadn’t seen him during that time and felt it was a misdiagnosis – Isser just had a bone tumor not cancer. It WOULD eventually kill him but maybe he would last another 3 – 4 month. Isser lasted another 14 months. Perhaps I should have put him down sooner but he had many good days with very few bad days or so he lead me to believe.”

“Well, he fought a good fight but lost it on February 12, 2002. Isser taught me courage, tenacity, pure guts, and boundless love. He was always, and ever shall be, a playful and loving soul. He loved everyone who came in the house – he just wanted to be loved and to show love. He will be missed by me, his mother, and by many others. I can’t wait to see him and my other animals who have gone over the Bridge again. Thank God for pictures and memories and, especially, for the time I had with Isser. I love you!!!”
– Katherine, River, Ruby, and Spock Doherty