Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Hulley "Hully Gully Snow"

"Hully Gully Snow"
March 1, 1997 - March 14, 2007

Dearly missed by Rick and Cindy Glover

 We had to take Hully Gully Snow to the Bridge on Wednesday. Hulley fell on a slippery floor, and broke his right rear leg. Subsequent evaluation showed a likely bone carcinoma at the site of the break. Meaning it could never heal, and any further palliative care would be futile and inappropriate at his age. As the discomfort in his mobility was evident, we felt it our responsibility to relieve him of his pain the only way possible.

Hulley was a most excellent dog. Even at an advanced age, he’d spin with excitement when it was time to play! He came to us just after our Indigo had an amputation, and he was her constant companion. I am convinced she recovered and was happy because he was there with her – it is the darnest thing to see greys take care of each other. Then when Indigo went to the Bridge, Hulley missed her so much. His new companion, Violet, will miss him too. She sniffed at his collar, and there was a knowing sadness to her. Funny how they know more than they let on.

But one thing we can say for certain about Hulley – he was *so* happy he was a dog! He was a happy fellow, but I’ve never seen a creature any more happy to be a dog than he was. He relished it every moment of every day. To paraphrase a literary character: “Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have met in all my travels, his was the most…Canine.”

We miss him.

-Rick and Cindy Glover, Seattle WA