Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Highlander "HC's Highlander"

"HC's Highlander"
August 8, 1999 - December 1, 2007

Dearly missed by Richard and Leigh Duvall Jack, Storm, Linda, Lizzie and Libby.

 A sweet, gentle soul left us on December 1, 2007 to travel to the Rainbow Bridge and to join all the precious souls gone before.
Highlander was 8 and we’d been blessed with his presence since I repossessed him from the cruel people who had adopted him. He was so damaged, so sad, so frightened, I decided to keep him in the hope I could heal his spirit and make him happy. Or, at least happier.

As time went by he grew more trusting with men! It was a woman who had done the worst damage to him. He tolerated me and I respected his feelings. I lived for those moments when he showered Richard, my husband, with boundless love and joy! He could hear Richard’s pick-up before he could see it and flew to select just the right teddy bear to give him when he walked in the door.

Highlander saw the vet today. He’d been panting oddly among other things. They found he had a seriously enlarged heart and atrial fibrillation. His heart rate was 180. He wouldn’t be able to be tranquillized, let alone anesthetized for any procedure. There was nothing anyone could do to make him better or comfortable. He would worsen, be in pain and die a miserable death.

We decided he would die the way he had lived with our love surrounding him and our arms and hands reassuring him and holding him close. As he drifted away, we thanked him for all the love, beauty and joy he had brought to our home and our lives.

When we got home we reassured the other 5 dogs who knew at once something was wrong. Their eyes are filled with questions and uncertainty.

As much as it hurts to lose a magnificent dog and gentle friend, the one thing worse would be to never know the blessings of sharing life and love with such a beautiful, precious greyhound.

We’ll miss you Highlander – Always…
Richard and Leigh Duvall Jack, Storm, Linda, Lizzie and Libby.