Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Gus "SS Grand Tour"

"SS Grand Tour"
May 19, 2010 - April 3, 2023
Dearly missed by Gayle, Jay, and Jennifer Paquette
It is with great sorrow that I am writing to tell you about the passing of our lovely Gus (aka SS Grand Tour, adopted June 2014), a week ago today.
We were so lucky to have found Gus, he has been a central part of our family, just like another child, and has grown up with our daughter.  They were both 4, a month apart, when we brought him home. He helped her through the pandemic and isolation from school, fostered her love of animals, and was the subject of 100’s of photos!  He kept me active with our long morning walks, and has been company for Jay as he started working from home. We admired his speed and agility, and also his calm, loving, nature.  He was the perfect addition to our family, and he is dearly missed.
We feel grateful for our time sharing our home with Gus, and for Greyhound Pets Inc, for bringing us together.  We know he was a happy boy with us, and we did our best to make his life as comfortable and fun as possible.  Anyone who met him, loved him, and we knew when it was mutual, with his strong silent “lean”.
Thank you, again, for all that you do, and for providing the opportunity to match retired dogs to homes.  You are doing much more than saving the dogs.