Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Gracie "Jeste Elate"

"Jeste Elate"
March 22, 1999 - October 16, 2009

Dearly missed by Sharon Nalivka Hancock and Ed Hancock

Sharon’s note to GPI: My dear Gracie Mae (Jeste Elate tag #3540) passed away in my arms on Friday October 16, 2009. This was at the age of 10 years 5 months and after fighting a battle against her kidneys for about 5 weeks.

I adopted Gracie, after Cathy cat tested her for me, on October 22nd 2001 at the Monroe Geryhound event.
The joy this beautiful, sweet girl brought us over the past 8 years isn’t definable in words. I have a hole in my heart that just won’t seem to go away yet and I doubt it ever will.

I would like to thank you for your work and for allowing me the honor of adopting her and having her in my life.
Ironically the cat that she was tested for by Cathy passed away 2 days later, also in my arms, at the age of 27!
I am attaching some pictures of her so that she can be posted on the Rainbow Bridge page.

My boy Jag, who we picked up in Coeur d’Lene in August of 2003 is really missing his sister. I am sure we will be looking for another partner for him in the near future and will be in touch.