Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Goofy "Destry Goofy"

"Destry Goofy"
March 17, 2003 - March 5, 2006

Dearly missed by Tysh Morgan and everyone at GPI

Destry Goofus
by Tysh Morgan

Where once was Nine, we now stand Eight
Lest we never forget Goofy the Greyt
Our work was done, Our racing days through
We were sent on a Journey, To somewhere new
Loaded in two’s, we were cramped but warm
Glad to go together, kept our minds off harm
From one hauler to another, we travelled for days
Two and a half we think, our future in a haze
We started as 19, then 15, now nine,
But at least we were together so everything was fine
In the wee hours of the morning, around 5 am
We finally arrived and were about to meet them…
Them being the people whose voices we could hear
We mustered our courage and immerged full of cheer
For those of us older we had been here so often
Some of us Prayed..God don’t let our luck be Rotten
Tired, Hungry and thirsty, we were so happy to see,
The voices were soothing, the hands gentle as can be
What a wonderful place, so greytful for you
for all of your efforts, just so we could be here too
But One of us was tired, and God called him home
Before this day was over, Our friend Goofy was gone..
He slipped away silently, the people were so sad
We wish they knew he’s happy, We do and we’re glad
For now he runs and plays all day, for him there is no fear
You see Goofy had a job to do, that he couldn’t do right here..
So As we stand here “Crazy Eight”, and remember our dear friend,
We Promise we will stay with you as long as God says we can
Then we will join our friend Goofy , and wait as he does too
And We will send wet kisses, like the ones Goofy sends now for You..