Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Fraser " WW’s High Speed"

" WW’s High Speed"
May 4, 2009 - July 21, 2022
Dearly missed by Stacey, Mike, and Sophie
Born in the USA, his racing name was WW’s High Speed. According to records available from the Florida bureau that governs dog racing, he raced 93 times and placed first in 20 of those races. In July 2012 he found himself at Greyhound Pets Inc., the wonderful adoption agency in Woodinville, WA. On September 29, 2012, he came with us to make a new home in Vancouver.
After his arrival we wrestled with what his new name would be. It was then we saw a video about a family who named their dog “Hastings.” Choosing a street we lived beside was a no-brainer. From then on he was Fraser Dog.
Fraser not only lit up our lives but often those of strangers we met walking down the street. People would often stop to tell us what a beautiful dog he was. Fraser was even in his temperament and was gentle in the presence of children and other dogs.
He became the beloved companion of Angus, the mischievous Westie belonging to Stacey’s parents that pre-deceased him last September. They would always chase around our yard when together, though Fraser hardly let him catch up.
We have so many fond memories of his near decade in our lives. The time we brought him home, our travel together one time to the Okanagan (he didn’t like car rides much), the times we hugged him, and the thousands of walks exploring our neighbourhood together. Fraser became our community ambassador by letting us strike up so many conversations with others in the ‘Fraserhood.’
During summer Fraser would take over a patch of our garden we fenced off for him, digging himself a pit to lie in the dirt to keep himself cool. It is here we will spread his ashes, forever bonding him to our home and to our hearts.
Farewell, Fraser, you handsome boy.