Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Enzo "Super C Genghis"

"Super C Genghis"
March 28, 2004 - April 27, 2011

Dearly missed by Karen and Carl Nencetti


(Originally dictated to my Dad in preparation to my stay with a very nice family while they went on a vacation)

Enzo here. I thought I would give you a rundown of my normal, comfortable daily routine. I’m probably a typical example of my kind — I like a day where things happen just like they did yesterday so here we go.

I usually let my humans know I am ready to go out anywhere from 8 to 8:30. I make a little noise, nudge their bed and one of them (usually Mom) will get up to let me out. When I’m done I’ll wait at the door until they let me in at which time I get a treat (I do not know why, but I like them) and then watch my morning meal preparation. I don’t crowd, I can be a very patient fellow.

After breakfast I’ll find one of my beds and relax after all the morning activity. I’m not much of a morning guy. Sometimes I’ll wander by a human for some attention (I do love those butt rubs Mom gives me — wanna dance?) but that is about all the energy I’ll expend before noon. Can’t find me? I’m soaking up some rays in the sunlight behind the couch.

I know it’s warm but don’t even think about turning on that WMD you call a ceiling fan! Sayonara, baby, I’m outta there — I’ll see you in a week or so.

After the humans eat lunch (I do not as I’m watching my weight) my Dad will take me for my 20 minute walk. He calls it a walk, I call it a sniff. There is quite a bit of news every day even though we sniff the same route. I usually leave 3 or 4 messages myself. On occasion, we all go to the Dog Park. There is an off leash area where I can run and play with the other dogs. Oh, see me fly!

Did I mention that given enough space I will run in the house? At my place I can run laps — from the living room through the dining room and into the kitchen and back again, round and round I go. Watch out everyone, I feel the need for speed!

After a walk I must lie down for another restful 20 minutes or so and around 2 o’clock I start bothering Dad for my KONG. The KONG is the highlight of the day so I stick to him like glue until it arrives. Working on the KONG requires great effort which then requires another nap. Around 3:45 or so I’ll let Dad know it is time for dinner. For some reason he fails to get the message once in a while so I’ll just lie down and sulk. I usually get my way by 4.

My humans eat around 6 so I wait until they are seated and then wander in to let Mom know I want to go out. I just stand and stare at her — of course, I don’t mind doing another butt rub dance, too. Out I go, pee quickly and return for another treat. This is dessert.

We all settle in after the human dinner. They let me out around 8:30 and then I usually go up to my sleeping bed. Unfortunately they make me go out again at 10 but then we all sleep through the night until I’m up again around 8 or 8:30 the next day.

Altogether it is a great life with little disruption. We go for car rides 3 or 4 times a week but I have enough room to stand up and watch all the sights. When we arrive at our destination Dad will take me for a walk and I’ll happily poop and pee since this is new territory and I must leave a calling card (or 2).

Ain’t life grand with a family who loves you!