Rainbow Bridge Memorial


December 1, 1991 - November 11, 2002

Dearly missed by Randy and Karen Hochberger in Edmonds, WA

“Elizabeth came to us 10 months ago having just turned ten years old. I say that because physically, she appeared to be an old 10-years in contrast to her counterpart Roger who seemed a younger 11-year old greyt. None-the-less, as with our other greyts, as she came through our door, she walked into our hearts. As we came to know her, in spirit, Liz was, and always remained a pup. When coming home from an outing, one could always count on her greeting at the door with her tail wag that took the form and motion of a propeller. She was content with a regular meal, and occasional treat, but more importantly she simply wanted “Liz Time”, which was a warm lap in the evening to rest her head on. If nothing else, Elizabeth taught us the value of canine companionship, and the reminder that somtimes, spending time to just sit and pet your “Greyt”, takes priority over other things. We miss our dear Liz.”