Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Dram (Drammie) "Dramatic Paws "

Dram (Drammie)
"Dramatic Paws "
January 24, 2004 - July 27, 2016

Dearly missed by Sue Chardon and Randy Gore

Dramatic Paws, January 2004-July 2016

From Mommy:

Dramatic Paws, the drama queen, so well named.  She was our first Greyhound and she brought us so much joy.  She had a great sense of humour and while she didn’t play with many toys, she did like to be silly.  She was very loving towards her family, but very shy of strangers, and she didn’t like other dogs at all.  Otherwise she was perfect.  Loud noises, long car rides, endless amounts of treats, nothing fazed her!  Although, she was trying to figure out how to call the 1-800 kennel number a few times when we wouldn’t give her more cheese, or piled the blankets onto her too high, or left her outside 12 seconds longer than she wanted…

We miss her so much and have so many fabulous memories of great times shared with her.  She was the sweetest girl dog ever.

From Daddy:

Dramatic Paws, AKA Dram, Drammy, D-d-d-d-d-d-dog, and, quite often, simply Dork.  Sometimes people would look at us weird when we’d call her Dork, but then we’d say ‘She’s a dork, but she’s OUR dork,’ and they’d understand.

She was a strange one, loving to family, but shy of strangers.  She didn’t care too much for other dogs either, so walking her was a challenge as we had to give wide birth to other dog walkers.  Did I say walk?  More like ‘SNIFFATHON’.

She definitely had her issues, but we loved her.  A greyt dog; fearless. Stairs?  No problem.  Rocky paths and boulder hills?  Heck, she was a mountain goat.  Boring 4 hour car rides?  No problem, but don’t even TRY to leave me in the car when you go into the rest area washroom – I’ve never been here, so I have to see what’s going on!

And smart too!  She knew just the right position to have the ears at in order to be beyond gorgeous – all in order to get more cheese… or lamb lung… or blueberry treats… or whip cream…or especially popcorn.

A lot of you may think a greyhound’s top speed is 45 mph.  Well, I can tell you from experience that after a BBQ, all we had to do was ‘clack’ the tongs, and she was there instantaneously.  I mathematically calculated the speed at 198 mph.

Every birthday meant a trip to Dairy Queen, where she would ‘Cujo’ down a small dish of ice cream in a minute flat, using those tongue muscles to get every last bit… that’s when we learned Greyhounds don’t get brain-freeze!

We could go on forever, because she was the perfect dog for us.  She turned us on to Greyhounds, and we will never own a different breed of dog again.  While we may think now that there will never be another dog as great as Drammy, we are also sure our next greyhound will give us new memories to cherish.

We’ll miss you D-d-d-d-d-d-dog, have fun at the bridge chasing squirrels, and we hope you get over your fears and make lots of friends.

Sue Chardon and Randy Gore, Pitt Meadows, B.C.