Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Dingo "Luke's Jeb"

"Luke's Jeb"
September 8, 2000 - November 16, 2010

Dearly missed by Dan Hanley

Dingo, named for his all-tooth smile as he slept, was anything but a dingo. He loved everyone, big and small, young and old and always had that perfect hook in his tail. To me he was the most handsome Greyhound ever and smarts to match. Touching his nose to the pantry door knob to let me know he wanted a biscuit always made me smile. He had an uncanny way of letting me know he needed to go out. He didn’t scratch at the door, but rather he’d grab his stuffed toy and toss it happily around the room.

Dingo was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma just three weeks after the passing of Mojo and the cancer spread quickly. Two and a half months later it was time to let go and let him go to the Bridge, be happy and healthy, with perfect hooked tail and again run with Mojo.

After 11 years as a Greyhound owner and three Greyhound adoptions, the void of no Greyhound in my home will be immense. But, I am left with countless happy memories of all my boys now passed; Pokey, Mojo and Dingo.

Dan Hanley
Stanwood, WA