Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Desi "Deception"

March 18, 2001 - June 15, 2009

Dearly missed by Sue Curtis

 Desi, fka Deception, joined our family on August 31, 2004. She ‘just happened’ to be with Marchet for our home visit after having spent the night at her foster home trying to eat the cats. She rushed into our lives embracing our former greys’ bunnies and leaping on the couch and making her announcement that this place suited her just fine. We were putty in her paws.

She had some issues with panic attacks and sleep startle but we worked through them and she and her dad became best buds. With his long arms and love for her he was always game to stroke her as long as she requested. I was an ok lady because I supplied the food and walks. 🙂

When dad passed away suddenly in April 2006, Desi and I found ourselves having to recreate our relationship and what a special love we developed for each other. She took care of her mom and instead of racing to the garage door to the house she now escorted me. She loved the days I went to the Red Barn and brought home all that lovely odiforous bedding to be washed and she spent many hours in the laundry room relishing in those scents. After we moved into the new kennel she still allowed me to go ‘play with the greys’ as long as those Mickey D french fries came home with me.

She was a special loving funny girl who made people friends wherever she went, and now she is with her dad, her grey brethren Molly and Drew and our Old English, Ralph.

Run free my special baby girl. Your mamma loves you.