Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Derby "Crystal Lorean"

"Crystal Lorean"
April 25, 1995 - April 26, 2010

Dearly missed by Patrick & Tonya Mackey & The Mach 5 Greyts (Tamilyn, Surfer, and Ellie)

Derby was our first greyhound. We adopted her as a senior and this has taught us that a really special dog can come in all packages, even older ones. I have looked at seniors in a whole new light ever since. My home will never be without one from now on.

Derby was a great booth dog as she just loved people. She was never afraid to just lean into somebody and say “hi”.

We have so many fond memories of our little princess. Some of my favorites include her pulling the #7 silk off the small stuffed greyhound toy. She never played with it, just took his silk off. Another is her room rattling kicking in her sleep. She ran some hard core races in her sleep. Then there was her favorite toy. Derby only allowed certain people see her play. It was always her little hedge hog squeaky toy that made her tail wag. She also loved to get in the hallway and stop right in front of Pat. It seemed to amuse her to block his way all the time. Then of course her little treat quirk. She would never eat until she was at home. People always tried to give her treats at the booths, stores, and what not. But unless she was at home or in the car, she would not nibble! The worst habit she had was at picture time. She would be in such a cute pose or position and when I took out the camera she would still be still. But when the flash light turned green she moved to hide her face. I caught her off guard once e with a cell phone. But only once! She could always tell when I was about to click that picture! So that left me with very few pictures of her. Or at least few of the front of her. She did have a little bit of a stubborn streak in her. It is what made her “Derby”! She was sure one bouncy girl for her age and always happy. Her body gave out before her will ever did. Like oh so many greyhounds, Derby was a family member not a dog or pet. She lived a spoiled life in our home. We will forever love and miss our special “Princess”, our little “Derbuncle”.