Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Coby "Vals King Cobra"

"Vals King Cobra"
October 7, 1995 - November 2, 2007

Dearly missed by Jan and Tim Kelliher

 Soulful, smiling eyes, filling our hearts with love
Big,black nose,pushing open the bathroom door…
Inquisitive looks, while I dress for work
Dad’s shoes up on the bed, meant time to” ROO”, and jump and leap for joy…A walk !
Crooked, little, bottom jaw,
made a hilarious, lopsided grin!
His Beautiful face, his muzzle gone gray, now.
Long, bony legs, prancing like a Lipizzan Stallion!
So proud, so happy, head weaving like the Cobra he was named for.
The track in Arizona wasn’t for him…
The endless beach at Ocean City was his racetrack…like a blur he went…flying.

Home at night with both of us, head on our laps or legs…staring, waiting, yapping now and then,
looking for one of Dad’s Chips, or some of Mom’s M&M’s to somehow fall his way.
It’s no fun now…eating those things.
Our hearts aching… Everyday I think I hear him…see him, everyday I wish I could.
The very air around us is so still, so changed.
It’s all so very different now, empty of sound and movement…but,
I know he’s here with us, everywhere we are, his spirit is, and always will be…