Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Cassie " Greys Cascade"

" Greys Cascade"
May 26, 2002 - March 3, 2010

Dearly missed by Elysia Smith

 Our Cuddle Dog passed away today. Just like any other day she got up for her early morning potty break but soon after started having problems with her balance. Moments later she collapsed in seizures, and was rushed to the emergency vet where we discovered she had a brain tumor and a series of other neurological issues. The vet advised us that she would never be able to walk, she soon went blind and we knew it was time to say goodbye. It breaks my heart to know there was nothing we could do to help her. With all the stories you hear about greys living long lives, our Snuggling Dog only made it to 8. We feel robbed.

When we first got her, we considered returning her after weeks of separation anxiety hell. She destroyed the wooden molding in our bathroom, shredded the blinds and pooped everywhere she could. Crating her only turned her into the dog version of Houdini. But with some trainer help and a whole lot of practice, patience and persistence we quickly learned and so did she. No one loved a consistent schedule more than Cassie.

We can take some comfort in knowing how great she had it as a spoiled dog who made frequent car rides to the Three Dog Bakery, ran circles at the school yard in the summer and smelled everything on long walks and boat rides. She loved the word bacon, cheese and gravy. And she hated baths, rain and would hide under the covers to avoid getting her teeth brushed. No dog in the history of dogs loved getting their ears cleaned and scratched more than she did. We’ll miss covering you with blankets and tucking you in at night. And saying the word ‘treat’ and having your ears pop up like toast in a toaster. She graduated from the kennel at the racetrack to retirement in our king sized bed. We’d always know she was extremely happy if her tongue was hanging out of the side of her mouth. And her tongue was out often.

She wasn’t just a dog to our family, she was a family member. She was in my wedding, was featured in a photo shoot for my work, moved houses with us in Tacoma and eventually took a very long car ride from Washington to Michigan.

Doug and my mother Mary loved Cassie and took the best care of her when I was back and fourth out of the country for work. And Cassie loved them back so much. Although she was my dog, she became my mother’s dog and would follow her wherever she’d go. Part of me thinks it was the home cooking. I only regret being out of the country for work when my Casleton had to go to sleep.

We love you Snassy Cassie. We’re going to miss you so much. xoxoxox Elysia, Wes, Mary, Doug.. and all of your family and friends