Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Calvin "Kid's Calvin"

"Kid's Calvin"
November 2, 1999 - August 29, 2012

Dearly missed by Mel and Debra Knox

With great sadness, we had to let Calvin go just 16 days after losing his grey sister, Kira. He had been struggling with lumbosacral stenosis and laryngeal paralysis for quite some time. He was such a trooper and would just keep going and going. Marchet told me many times that he loved me so much and just didn’t want to leave me. He was certainly mommy’s boy and always had to know where I was. As he became increasingly dependent on me to help him around, he trusted that I would always be there. He was so stoic that it was hard to tell just how bad he felt. He finally let me know and we did what he deserved by letting him go.

Calvin was a very special boy and known by many GPI volunteers and adopters. He was my trusty home visit and booth dog for several years. I could count on him in any situation and he never let me down. As he aged and his body started failing him, he had to give up those duties. He loved his walks and car rides. He was such a gentle, loving boy. He had been in two homes before and was in great need of a loving home when he ended up in the kennel again at the age of seven. It was a tough, winter day when only two of us could make it to the old kennel to do turnouts. Calvin ran past me and made it to the office where there was a heater. He laid down on the dirty laundry, looking up at me as if he was saying “please lady, I’m so cold and just want to go home”. We had no intention of adding a third grey, but that’s how it started and he was with us almost six years. He made it clear that he was here to stay and we knew we were the right home for him. I’m so glad we gave him that chance in life to enjoy it all to the fullest and to be completely spoiled.

Calvin will always be greatly missed. We love you sweet boy – Calvino, C-Dawg, Cal Cal, Handsome McGandsome….