Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Cabo "Cabover"

August 9, 1995 - November 17, 2007

Dearly missed by Steve, Jim, and Momma (Linda Gardner)

 Your journey over the rainbow bridge to the other side has taken you from me and changed my life. No one can understand what you meant to me. You made my life complete. You were always so happy. You listened to all my problems from work and wagged your short little tag (which was broke when someone from work broke into our house and hurt you).

Cabo, you loved to laugh showing your support. Cabo, your happiness was contagious and that was enough to know I could make it through all the horrible ordeals from work. You were the brave and strong one, a dog like no other. Your smile always made me laugh and feel good. You were such a happy boy, you seldom let anything get you down.

You almost died when you had your tail broke when someone broke into the house. We made it through that ordeal. When you broke your leg, I tried to save your life…The surgeon worked many hours putting plates in your leg. He did an excellent job, he put a recovery plan together, got you up and moving around and sent you home. We worked with a cancer doctor to put together a plan to kick the cancer in your leg. Later I learned it did not matter what I did since some of the other vets wanted you euthanized since I did not amputate your leg.

I did not catch all the errors in the medication that they gave for you, wrong dosages, quantities and even the wrong dog. If I knew the vets’ plan, I would have never put you through the hell you had to go through with the surgery. Giving you the medicine that asphyxiated you is not something I would ever do on purpose to you. I did not know it would hurt you. You were my boy! I loved you! I would do anything to protect you. It was not fair for you to go through so much pain and do so well just to be hurt again. It was not right. It was not fair. You should not have had to suffer at the hands of the vets that should be helping you. The destruction to your body from not being able to breathe was too much for you to be able to live. That is why I had to say goodbye to you…the damage was done, they won. I could not save you.

I am so sad you are gone I wish you could have stayed with me forever…you will be in my heart forever. Your memories will live on. I tell Maggie lots of stories about her big brother. She remembers you and looks for you all the time. You taught her how to live in a house and be a queen. The pictures of you especially laughing will keep you alive forever in my heart.