Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Buzz "Hilan Craigie"

"Hilan Craigie"
September 14, 2003 - May 24, 2016

In Loving Memory of Hilan Craigie – Buzz Love – September 14, 2003 – May 24, 2016

When we lost Dave, in February of 2008, we knew we had to honor him by adopting another hound. At the time, we had Brite, who was highly opinionated, to say the least. At the Red barn we met several candidates, but when Buzzy came out, it was obvious that he was the one. He passed the *Brite test*.

Buzz was four & a half when we adopted him. He had broken his right back leg on the track, like so many other greyhounds do. His leg never slowed him down, until his last year. He was the kindest guy. Never met anyone or anything he didn’t like. His tail wagged all the time. Even in his sleep. Thump. Thump. Thump.

He was a little uncouth when he first came here. He would walk by the computer & calmly pick up the mouse & walk off. Once he picked up a full cup of coffee off my desk while I was working. By the handle. He strolled off with it, the coffee sloshing all over. Good thing it wasn’t too hot.

He wasn’t destructive, just didn’t know any better. In the beginning he was fascinated by TV. He would stand with his nose almost touching it, watching the meerkats. When a commercial would come on, he would look behind the TV for those rascals, or run around to the kitchen to see if they were in there. He even noticed dogs in pictures. He would study pictures we had on the wall of our long gone dogs, Willow the whippet & Annie the muttchamacallit.

He loved to look out the window. It took him a year & a half before he would get up on the couch. Really we tried! So John right away bought him his own little stool so he could put his front feet on it & he could look out. I laughed & said he wouldn’t use it. I was wrong.

One New Year’s Eve, John & I were in bed, I was reading. Buzzy took himself out through the dog door. I listened for him to come back in. When he came in, something sounded wrong. His tags were WAY too close to the floor. I peered over & Buzz was standing there wagging his tail (he really always did) & there was a little white terrier with him. Buzz looked so proud of himself. *Look who I brought home.* The neighbor’s dog, Maggie, had gotten scared by the fireworks, & came under our fence. I guess she knew Buzzy would protect her. (The funny part was when I took her home & was asked where I found her.)

One time he brought a live squirrel through the doggie door. So despite his crooked back leg, he could run. That wasn’t the same kind of *guest*.

Buzz, Buzzy, Buzzard, our Bubba boy. He was such a special boy. When we attended greyhound gatherings it was fun to watch him. Our social butterfly. Making his rounds visiting everyone there, human & dog. Ask for a roo & he would be the first one singing. It didn’t take much at all to get him going.

Through Buzz, we became good long distance friends/family with his littermate’s, Candy’s, family. We had fun with the pups sharing birthday gifts each year. They were like two peas in a pod, in looks & behavior. Now they are back together.
I’m sure Dave would have been pleased that we brought Buzz home in his honor. Brite couldn’t have picked a nicer brother.

To honor Buzz, we now have Bart. Bart has been good medicine for our hurting hearts. We will always miss our Buzzard. Buzz was perfect. He was ours & we were his. *He always gave, asking nothing in return.*

In loving memory of Buzz, gone but never forgotten – Lorean, John, Kay (adopted to honor Brite) & Bart the new guy