Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Brodie "Gs Chuck Knoll"

"Gs Chuck Knoll"
February 28, 2004 - April 7, 2018

Dearly missed by Roger, Lynn, Cam, Janine, Jonah and Vesper.

Over the course of our dear Brodie’s life he proved a consistently amusing and lovable study in contradictions. He was a big, muscular boy who spent an inordinate amount of time timidly peeking around corners and trying to appear as small as possible; a doe-eyed attention magnet who favored blissful peace and quiet; and a passionately dedicated protector of the sanctity of his bed who valiantly tried each morning to drag us from ours.

It is with sincere sorrow we report the passing of our much adored “Bwodie” on April 7th – almost exactly one year after his brother Zeus left us – following an unfortunate period of illness. And while we knew the inevitable was approaching, accepting the absence of his gentle, endearing presence from our home is going to take a long time to get over.

For Brodie was a personality unlike any other we’ve encountered. When he first arrived at our home in 2006, shortly on the heels of his outgoing older sister Suvi, it became quickly evident we were going to have to put in a little extra effort to win him over. Naturally cautious, he could be fairly aloof towards those he didn’t quite understand. Over time, however, he formed unique, affectionate and unforgettable bonds with each member of the family, and revealed himself to be an invaluable source of goofy charm and unexpected comedy.

Famous for his killer side-eye and melodramatic expressions of great trepidation (complete with tail wedgie), Brodie wore his emotions on his face at all times and could be relied on to provide silent commentary for just about any situation. And although these soulful looks may have frequently gotten him out of trouble, his guilty glances acted as a reliable indicator for alerting us to his siblings’ misbehavior.

Often preferring to unleash his pent up silly beans in solitude, it was always a treat when Brodie publicly dropped his stoic demeanor (even his tail-wagging was measured) and bounded around with wild abandon. He loved to wrestle and kick his feet at the air if the right mood hit – usually, it must be said, when his more rambunctious brother was commanding the attention of the room – and he was a fantastically happy hiking partner in his healthier days.

One of Brodie’s peppiest playtimes ultimately inspired a legendary tale of woe. During a rainy, miserable fall afternoon many years ago, a considerably younger Mr. B turned our muddy backyard into a makeshift race track, giddily coating himself with a liberal slathering of muck in the process. Triumphantly trotting up to the front door upon completing his frenzied ritual he unexpectedly faced the supreme trauma of his life; having his filthy paws rinsed off in a pitcher of lukewarm water. No doubt those within earshot of his despondent wails assumed that moment marked his final exit from the mortal coil.

In spite of his adorable neuroses, Brodie nonetheless spent many years acting as a loyal ambassadog for Greyhound Pets Inc., helping find homes for so many others like himself. Those big Bambi eyes had a funny way of working wonders on potential adopters (as well as those in possession of treats).

Words can’t properly convey how heartbreaking it has been to say farewell to Brodie. A sweet, quirky and delightful character to the very end, we take comfort in knowing he’s now reunited with the siblings he shared nearly his entire life with.

It’d be nice to say he’s finally left his worries behind but, to be honest, a Brodie without worries just isn’t Brodie.