Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Braun "Atascocita Braun"

"Atascocita Braun"
July 8, 2010 - October 9, 2018

Dearly missed by Jean & Gerhard Tejkel and daughter, Candyce

It is with heavy heart that we are letting you know we made the very difficult decision to help 8 yr old Braun (racing name Atoscotias Braun) pass over to the bridge. We adopted him from GPI Good Friday of 2014.

He fractured his back left ankle (he had had a couple of toe injuries the past couple years, one on each back foot).  Anyway, on the day he was to get his splint off his left leg (of which he had surgery on 3 weeks earlier to repair a dislocated toe and torn ligaments).  Within short time of X-rays and a few consults we got the dreaded news it was fractured and he had osteosarcoma in that spot. With his other leg being compromised we did not want to choose the amputation and chemo route as treatment.

He was not an easy boy to take for walks as he only liked other sighthounds (he lived with an IG named Gemini) his first year with us and would react to all other breeds. But we loved him dearly anyway despite his quirks he will be greatly missed. He was our first greyt and taught us a lot.

Jean & Gerhard Tejkel