Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Biscuit "OJ Biscuit"

"OJ Biscuit"
May 14, 1997 - April 14, 2011

Dearly missed by Dave and Sandy Graf

 It is always hard to let them go. Biscuit was really feeling his age in his hips and rear legs, and when the vet said the swollen lymph nodes were lymphoma, we decided to send our good old boy to the Rainbow Bridge.

We got him 11 years ago out at the Hern’s, he was so mellow and big and beautiful that he immediately won our hearts. I always said he was the only sane one in our house, sometimes if another dog was tearing around inside the house he would position himself in the way in order to make the Tom Foolery cease. However, when he would grab a toy and throw it around or do his little dance for no reason, that was truly something to see.