Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Benny "Destry Tomb"

"Destry Tomb"
March 20, 2002 - March 1, 2013

Dearly missed by Alex and John Oliver

Benny came to Calgary on his second birthday and was our wonderful friend for nine years. He was a large boy and very timid but a course of ‘Greyhound Only’ classes and lots of love turned him into a happy confident boy. He came to us when we were grieving the loss of our son and filled our hearts with warmth and our home with his happiness. We strongly believe that he was aware of our grief. He quickly became attached to us both and enjoyed our love of the outdoors. Benny had a quick grasp of words and directions and he learnt to always sit, lay down and give his paw for every treat and meal. He quickly learnt that cats are not willing to play with him and observed our son’s visiting little terrier dogs leap about from his seat with a look of incredulous observation. Benny showed his love for us in so many ways; bumping us on our sides on his walks and runs, letting out large yawns, and following us into every room and waiting for the next move. He was so patient, quiet and obedient and we really thought we had the best pet possible. To walk out with Benny either in the mountains or in town was a pleasure. The leash was always slack as he walked so close to us always with his shoulder pressed against us. We shall always love him and miss him in our lives. It has been a very hard to say goodbye.