Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Bella "Bella Rainbow"

"Bella Rainbow"
December 21, 1998 - April 21, 2004

Dearly missed by Susan and Kevin

Bella Rainbow was born on December 21, 1998. Bella joined our family in July 2002. Being new to greyhounds, we assumed it would be a huge transition for Bella to go from racing life to our life. Much to our surprise, Bella found her place in our family immediately and it quickly became hard to imagine life without her.

Bella was incredibly food focused and she taught us some quick lessons in “Bella-proofing” the house. Bread was one of her favorite foods to try and swipe off the counter. On more than one occasion (mostly when visitors innocently left bread on the counter) she ate an entire loaf at a time! Because she loved treats so much, it was very easy to teach her all kinds of tricks. Even when she seemed to be in the deepest of sleeps, the sound of the cookie jar lid would send her racing into the kitchen where she would sit, shake, lay down and bow in a matter of seconds. With that kind of effort, how could you not break down and give her a few extra treats?

Bella’s final resting place will be John Hern’s greyhound graveyard in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Bella, you were such a good girl and we miss you every day.

~Susan and Kevin