Rainbow Bridge Memorial

BeeZee "G. Beez Herzog"

"G. Beez Herzog"
November 1, 1990 - June 9, 2004

Dearly missed by Dave and Leslie Skoor and Sue Law who all fostered BeeZee

BeeZee was a dearly loved elder foster with Greyhound Pets, fostered by Dave and Leslie Skoor who grew to love him as one of their own during the short time he spent with them. He will also be missed by Sue Law who fostered BeeZee when he first came to Greyhound Pets in November or 2003

BeeZee was a quiet dog but could get energetic on occasion and run up and down the hallway a couple of times when the mood struck him. He loved attention and enjoyed having his foster folks nearby.

BeeZee had a condition known as a Paralyzed Larynx. His voice didn’t work as it should so he could not bark and he would have a difficult time breathing if he got too excited or stressed out.

Sadly, BeeZee’s age and medical conditions were greatly impacting his quality of life so he was aided to the Bridge on Wednesday, June 9, 2004. BeeZee is now running free, barking loudly and enjoying playing at the Bridge with John Hern and the pups who have gone on before him.

From the Skoors:

We let Moira know, last fall that we would like to be a foster home and on Christmas Eve 2003 we got our first foster. We had asked for an older foster to start out with, well we got BeeZee a 13 year young, tall, slender, white male. It took about 3 days for BeeZee to feel at home. We took him to one meet and greet and realized that it was just too stressful for him. He was a special needs dog and required quite a bit of care. I took him to work with me so I could watch over him and meet his care needs. All our boys sleep in the bedroom with us in there own spot and BeeZee was no different. We’d tell the boys it was time for bed and they would all head into the bedroom. Now BeeZee being a bit older and a little hard of hearing would have to be reminded to lay down or he would keep wondering but usually after 10 or 12 circles he would bed down for the night. BeeZee could be onery as well, it was ok with him to step over or on the other boys but no one had better step on or close to him. Hey we all get a little cranky as we age.

We would play with our boys in the front yard and BeeZee would gallop back and forth a couple of time and you could see a glimps of the spirited fellow that he had been. Many time his gaze was unfocused but sometimes he would be very present and give us kisses. We knew early on that there would be no other home for BeeZee, his care required a hugh commitment. He was ours and we loved him so much.

My favorite BeeZee story is from a few weeks ago. Dave was in the front yard with BeeZee and he came over to Dave and leaned against him, as he ofter does, to receive attention and pets. As he leaned against Dave, he thought “Oh, isn’t it sweet how he wants so much attention) Dave was petting him and enjoying the moment when he started to feel something wet on his foot. BeeZee was peeing on him. Dave had provided a stable place to lean while BeeZee releaved himself. I told Dave that BeeZee was just having a “senior moment” and I’m sure that as he peed on Dave he was loving him at the same time.

The last couple of weeks have been very difficult. BeeZee started to decline rapidly, having daily accidents in the house dispite getting out many time during the day. His back end which had paralysis was getting so much worse.

He could barely walk at times. With the help of Marchet we determined it was time to let this wonderful boy go over the bridge with his dignity still intact. Dave, Marchet and myself all gathered at his side and sent him off to run and play with all that waited to greet him. We had him for 6 months and we loved him dearly.

We went home after seeing BeeZee off and gave Rico and Patrick some extra hugs and a good walk in the park knowing that BeeZee was safely at rest now. I am so proud to be loved by my boys and honored to provide them with their forever home.

Thank you to all of GPI, officers, volunteers and families.
Love, Leslie and Dave