Rainbow Bridge Memorial


May 1, 1993 - June 1, 2007

Dearly missed by Moira and Mike Corrigan

Beau was turned into GPI on October 24, 2004 along with his housemate, Aero. Beau and Aero were originally adopted through Greyhound Friends Northwest. Their owner could no longer look after them, GFN was out of business, and so GPI gladly took in the two dogs.

Beau came to us as a foster on that October day. Beau (or Beau-Beau as I called him) was always a character. He loved our walks and loved when we took him camping with us. He was always up for a car ride and loved to hang out with the other dogs.

The snow meant playtime for Beau and he loved to run in it.

Beau had laryngeal paralysis and so we had to watch that he didn’t over exert himself. But that didn’t stop this boy – he was always ready to go. Beau had a hoarse bark and you knew it if he wanted something or if one of the other dogs got too close to him.

Whenever we went away he would go to Aunt Marchet’s to hang out with Arianna (Aero) his original housemate.

Beau turned 14 in May, 2007. By this time Beau was having trouble controlling his bowels and was very weak in his back-end so we did the kindest thing for him and sent him to the Rainbow Bridge on June 1, 2007.

Although technically never adopted by us, Beau was like one of ours and part of our family for two and half years. We miss you Beau-Beau and your goofy ways.

Moira and Mike,
Brett, Hoss, Jasper, Kipper, Suzzy, Freeway
Attila, Mac, Niko at the Rainbow Bridge