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Batman "Bella Batman"

"Bella Batman"
April 30, 1996 - March 6, 2007

Dearly missed by Lynnette, Dick and Maddie Husted

 Mr Batman chose us to be his family Feb 19, 2006. When Maddie and I brought Batman home, Dick was amazed at the size of him (and wondered if I could have possibly found a larger dog). Bats would have to back out of rooms if it was too difficult to turn around and forget trying to get around him in a doorway. He took awhile to make himself completely at home, but once he had his bed, eating station and toys setup he warmed up quickly. He was more of a “people” dog than a dog’s dog….he was too easily picked on by other dogs to really want to spend much time with them, so once he had us, he was quite happy. Shortly after getting him he taught me to stay in one place for longer periods of time otherwise he would get comfy, have to get up and follow me, then get comfy again. If I left a room without his knowledge it didn’t take him long to do a house search until I was found…and if a door was closed he was right there when it opened again – waiting patiently.

Rather than playing fetch consistently, he preferred a Batman version of keep away where he would fetch the toy, then trot around the house, back to his bed and lay down with the toy still in his mouth. But the look in his eye was “come on take it away from me…I dare you” He also liked to trot around outside with his stuffies, one of which was a pink and white barbie lamb…so funny to see a big male dog with his barbie. Mr B loved to run laps around the outside of the house for fun…he would tear out in one direction for a lap, then bow and head the other direction….always making Maddie and I laugh at his goofiness. He had some challenges with the doggie door-he understood that he could come inside, but not that he could go outside (blondeness I guess), so we moved up to one of the gigantic doggie doors and put treats outside until he went thru. Batman loved to go for car rides and thought that anytime I went somewhere, he was, of course, supposed to go. Mornings, when I was getting ready for work, he stood guard at my car and wouldn’t come inside lest I sneak out the other door. The last few weeks he took to using his assets in some great basketball moves to place himself between me and doorways…a 4ft long dog can be quite an obstacle! He and the 14yr old dog next door (Boulder) were in cahoots for treats…Batman would go outside, Boulder would see him and come over to the fence and give a woof…Batman would then leap inside knowing that if he pranced around enough and made his “wooooof” sound (using his inside voice) he would get a treat and Boulder would too just to keep him quiet.

Batman was quite stealthy. He would be on the lookout for unattended food and when he found it…it was gone. Maddie had more than one meal finished off for her without her knowing. By the time she figured out that it was gone, he would also be conveniently in another room looking quite angelic and guilt free.

He loved our long walks and the chatter of his teeth when I said “walk” or picked up his leash. We had many people stop us to admire him, ask questions, be amazed at how “skinny” he was (even at 75lbs). He loved the attention and would welcome ear rubs and neck scratches from them but would never wander far from me.

In August, Batman had a bit of a health crash when he became dehydrated and lethargic-he spent a couple of nights at the emergency vet and was under the care of a veterinary specialist when he showed signs of kidney disease. He bounced back from that drama and was being managed on medications that he didn’t care to take, but as long as they were buried in the right kind of food he managed. He had some dental work done in January that I was a bit worried about due to his health concerns but he made it through losing an upper canine with flying colors. I was noticing (now in hindsight) that his water intake may have diminished over the last couple of days and I was unconsciously checking his nose and skin for hydration.

Yesterday, Maddie and I got home early to the usual bow, and playful dancing from Batman in the driveway. He followed me from room to room as he always did and then when he went to lay down in the living room, he had a massive seizure and was gone…I tried CPR, called the emergency vet and got a neighbor who is a nurse to help me but he was gone. My big baby boy. Bella Batman.

I knew I wouldn’t have him in my life that long, but he was my touchstone of unconditional love and adoration. For that I thank him and will forever hold him in my heart.