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Barbie "Rips Barbie Doll"

"Rips Barbie Doll"
September 1, 1993 - November 2, 2004

Dearly missed by Austin and JoAnne Neithercut

Barbie passed away yesterday (11/2/04) after a long struggle with intestinal problems. Ultrasound detected a large growth in her intestine, probably cancer, and she passed away quietly at home. Barbie adopted us in July of 2000, and had been fostered by Cathy Munro.

Barbie had just turned 11. She was a great dog, one I am truly thankful to have experienced. I don’t know if you remember or not but when we went to Everett (Petco) to adopt our greyhound, there were four others off the track, and Barbie. When I knelt down to have a good look at them, Barbie came up to me and put her head on my shoulder, she picked us. She loved her car rides, sleeping on the guest bed, and when company came, it was a race between Barbie and them to see who got the bed first. She loved going out to our trailer on the ocean, and she loved traveling in our motorhome, although she had to share the bed with me. Nothing would get her moving faster than simply saying, “Barbie, car ride, walk.”  I’ll miss her nose gently nudging me, and her ambling walk, she sure loved her walks. She picked out a whippet for company, and for the last year she has acted like a mother to Dora. She will miss Barbie even more than we will. This picture is from a walk in the Spring on a no leash fenced area.

Good bye, Barbie, we shall miss you.