Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Bailey "SS Misty Sue "

"SS Misty Sue "
November 8, 1998 - December 4, 2010

Dearly missed by everyone at GPI especially her foster family, the Munros

Bailey was helped to the Bridge today with a compassionate assist from Dr. Shannon Smith at Bothell Pet Hospital. Marchet was kind enough to accompany us to help see Bailey safely off to the Bridge.

A mass could be seen in her heart via an xray back in May plus she had an enlarged heart, hence the long medical hold. Oddly enough, she was being xrayed for neck pain and the heart happened to be in the picture. That’s the only reason it was caught as early as it was. She did well for the past 7 months with daily walks, playing with toys, and basically enjoying life. In the last few weeks, it became more difficult to get her to eat and she started to lose weight. Another xray showed more masses in her heart and fluid around her heart. Fluid was starting to fill her abdomen so heart failure was imminent. It was definitely time to say goodbye to this sweet girl.

Thank you, Marchet for being there with us. We’ll miss you, Bailey. It was very hard to let you go since you played with a toy this very morning out of sheer joy when I woke up but we could tell that there were more times than not, that it was time.

Thank you to GPI for the great care Bailey received while she was back in the system and to the folks listed below who were kind enough to sponsor her.

Sponsored by Grace Piatt (Grace’s Christmas wish)
Also sponsored by Jim & Emily Gadsby

Bailey’s foster family – Cathy, Jack, Mike, Sam and Dan Munro
We love and miss you, Bailey!