Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Apollo "Carl Sagan "

"Carl Sagan "
July 1, 2009 - December 31, 2021

Dearly missed by Michele Palmer and family

A sad way to end the year:
Letting you know Apollo is no longer here.
He crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

A gracious gentleman with an enormous heart,
He wouldn’t want us to fall apart.
Instead, we are celebrating this as a good day.

“Carl Sagan” wore his tuxedo with aplomb:
As a ring bearer, this boy was the bomb.
And such spectacular ears on this dignified grey!

His farewell party featured scrambled eggs and toast
And forbidden treats we knew he’d love the most:
French fries, a burger, chocolate doughnuts. Yay!

Family members surrounded him in love
The sun was shining brightly above
As he raced away on this shining, sunny day.

Elegant and graceful to the very end
He looked upon every creature as a potential friend.
His message for us: enjoy each other, enjoy each day.

Photo 1: Apollo as ring bearer at my daughter’s wedding, with the maid of honor
Photo 2: Apollo and Maizie