Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Annie " IB APocketRocket "

" IB APocketRocket "
July 1, 1992 - October 18, 2004

Dearly missed by Debbie and Lloyd Stray

It is with tears in my eyes that I am emailing that our beloved Annie has crossed the bridge this evening. Annie’s health deteriorated rapidly over the past 3 days and the tumour in the back of her mouth grew to the point it had gone into her brain. She was not eating and she was just laying around, not her usual happy scamperous self.  By the time I got her to the vet this evening, she had begun bleeding from her mouth and the vet assured me that there was no hope and nothing that she could do. She sat with me as I laid down with Annie as she very sweetly crossed the bridge.

My sweet Annie girl is pain free and although she was with us such a short time, it was a wonderful time. She is our hearts forever. I love her incredibly and miss her sweet face.

– Debbie and Lloyd Stray