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Angel "Gabby's Angel"

"Gabby's Angel"
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November 23, 2000 - March 1, 2014

Dearly missed by Bob and Meg Morris

Gabby’s Angel

Born: 11/23/2000 Died 3/18/2014

Angel came into our lives in 2009 as a foster after a racing career that spanned three years and 133 races. She placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in 56 races; a proud record. After her racing career ended she was a brood mom for 2 years producing 16 pups. Finally, at eight and a half she came to us via Puget Sound Greyhound Adoption.

After worming and, a week later, spaying, she returned and found out humans could be loving and gentle. She was not at all tolerant of small dogs and other dogs other than greyhounds. Cat testing was indeterminate. Since she did not answer to any name, we thought Angel was appropriate and eventually she did as well. Our other greyhound, Sierra recognized Angel needed time and space to settle in and became her lifelong companion and guide. Housebreaking was a bit more prolonged than we would have preferred but Angel finally got the hang of it by watching Sierra although her “potty signals” were always subtle so we joined in the learning curve.

Just about the time Angel was settling in and coming unbidden for neck scritches and ear rubs, we were offered a choice of another dog. A beautiful fawn girl, a year younger than Sierra, needed a home after her human Dad passed away suddenly. Her family were snowbirds, like us, and traveled to Arizona for the winter. Now she had to go to a new home, either with us or a couple in British Columbia. Oddly, it turns out this lovely young lady had the same parents as Sierra in West Virginia so they were sisters–sort of. We were torn. After a great deal of thought we voted for Angel. She had been through a lot and was responding to us. We couldn’t uproot her and send her for another spin.

For the next five years Angel always thought walks and car rides ought to be rewarded giving us love, attention, and never letting us out of her sight. A Velcro dog. Sierra was her best buddy. Although somewhat shy, she was always next in line to introduce herself and get her share of neck and ear rubs. Toys were only rarely the object of her attention. Squirrels were another story. Overall, she had a happy existence as a giving, loving, and engaging part of our family.

Angel developed a benign thyroid mass that never caused her any grief. A blocked salivary duct under her tongue came and went, then returned again. Still no discomfort. Enter Cushing disease and drinking copious amount of water and loss of urinary control. Treated by a internal medicine vet, her labs looked great but no change otherwise. Finally, she developed pain in her hindquarters that required strong pain medications and we knew it was time to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell sweet Angel, we will see you again later. In the meantime you will forever dwell in our hearts.