Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Alex " Planemischevious"

" Planemischevious"
July 11, 1998 - April 12, 2011

Dearly missed by Monica, Roy and Rudy

Memories swirl in our minds, reminiscent of our friendship and love throughout the years. It is hard for us to recall a time when you weren’t there for us. We have so many memories of you at our side and in our lives –

Memories of you helping us through tough times,

Memories of holidays shared and,

Memories of adventures undertaken.

Our tomorrows may be over, but you will always be remembered, you will always be loved – you will continue to live on in all of our memories. You lived and loved – and left a mosaic of memories we will treasure forever.

You came into our lives, changed us forever, and departed leaving paw prints on our hearts.