Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Ajax "Kadees Conductor"

"Kadees Conductor"
July 15, 2001 - February 26, 2015

Dearly missed by Renato Muccillo

I am sad to have to advise that our beloved Ajax (Kadees Conductor) Tag 4153, passed away yesterday. The decision to unburden my poor boy from his suffering was a very difficult one. In August, he started to show signs of a degenerative nerves in his back legs which made nearly impossible to hold himself up or walk any distances, coupled with corns on 3 of his paws. Life for him became a struggle. We tried everything we could to make him comfortable with treatment and meds, and corn removal every 2 weeks. I carried him most everywhere we needed to go, but it just became to much to bare witness to his suffering..

I am fortunate to be able to work from home, and had spent almost 24/7 with him, from the day we got him…. Almost inseparable we where… and he will be sadly missed and I feel that life will not be the same with him gone. He truly brought more to my life then I could have ever imagined, and am grateful for have being able to have shared my life with him. He was truly a special boy..

I’ve attached a photo and video of him, from better times..


Regards, Renato Muccillo