Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Ace "Ace High Club "

"Ace High Club "
March 18, 2004 - August 1, 2017

Dearly missed by Michelle, Wes and Tara Marshall

It’s taken me months to write about Ace High Club, my beautiful brindle boy that was put to rest August 2017. Ace was 13 years old. Ace touched many lives as I know most Greyhounds do.

When I think of this funny, prancing boy that made our lives so much more complete tears well up in my eyes. Even though months have passed I can still feel his soft bunny, brindle fur, and see deep into those beautiful brown eyes.

Although, our family was so grateful that we had him for 10 years! He still missed on a daily basis. We are so blessed and lucky we adopted him from Greyhound Pets, Inc. when he was a 3-year-old young strong boy. Ace placed 1st and 2nd second in 85 races, was only 3 and they were done with him.

The Soulful eyes of a greyhound tell a story. These stoic, polite, gentle, grateful dogs have gone through so much before they even reach our homes.

I remember when we first adopted him because he was so big, I felt like we had a mini horse in the kitchen. ACE had been in foster care 2 months prior, it seems so he was just getting used to being with the couple and he was taken away which of course confused him .

It took Ace some time to realize he had a forever home like all grateful rescues. Ace was not going to be taken away from another family. Once he realized he had a forever home you could see how confident and happy he became.

I remember the first time Ace saw snow, the first time we heard him bark, (it was 2 months after we adopted him, this big deep voice came from within that big deep chest.) My Jack Russell definitely showed him how to speak his voice when our UPS man came to the door. )

We loved watching him prance with happiness when we said the words” want to take a walk Ace?”

Ace loved to nest in blankets, he had a cozy bed and it would take him sometimes quite a while to get his bed and blankets just perfect to nest. We would laugh as he would pull his blankets, toss his bed up in the air and make everything perfect

Being a true, polite Greyhound Ace never even tried to get on furniture , always grateful for his own bed next to mine and another down in the family room so he could always be wherever we were. He also had what we called the cooking rug in the kitchen. The kitchen was not big, and Ace took up a whole runner, he was never far from my side.

We were lucky enough to get hooked up with Jen and Tom in Bellingham who would open Canyon Creek Barn twice a month for Greyhounds to run and socialize. This amazing, caring couple emailed anybody in Whatcom County that had greyhounds as they had 4 greys themselves at times. The playful hounds would run happily and play for an hour.

Ace was always shy, sticking more with the people than the pups. As he became more comfortable, he would sprint around the horse arena with the other dogs then, he would break away just for a few minutes, full gallop and come back to my side. Ace was shy but you could see his Spirit rise running with the other hounds (there’d be true joy in my heart watching him.)

The first time Ace saw snow he didn’t know what to do, he ran around the yard burying his head, deep in the snow coming up for air, then doing it all over again. I could go on for a long time with 10 years of memories of this amazing boy so grateful for his forever home as Greyhounds are.

Our life is so much better for having adopted Ace, aka Acey boy, Acer the racer, and my funny boy.

I can’t thank the Greyhound Pets,  Inc. staff and volunteers enough for doing this incredible service to enhance the lives of rescued greyhounds.

I know Ace ran cross the Rainbow Bridge and is prancing with the other greyhounds as his 13 year old racing legs are no longer in pain.

Forever in my heart is the love and memories I cherish of my gorgeous brindle boy.

I hope to send a donation (to be mailed separately) in memory of The Amazing Life, Ace had. Thank you all for the rewarding, emotional, loving work you do with all the precious greyhounds.

Warm regards,

Michelle Marshall and Family
Proud mom of Ace High Club
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