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FALL 2015 LOW COST TICK CLINIC — Sunday, October 18, start at 1:30 pm (please arrive no later than 2 pm), at Hern Greyt Works (Kennel) 21521 SR 9 SE, Woodinville, WA 98072. IMPORTANT: You must register with payment by October 8 to test your dog. Our dogs have often lived in more than one geographical area in the US but may also have come from other foreign countries. We have developed specific guidelines for the different groups of dogs based on where they came from. The recommendations are based on data from nationally recognized tick-borne disease authority, Dr. Cynthia Holland of Protatek Reference Laboratory. On the registration form, please note where your dog came from. The tick panel testing will be based on it. Click here to register and pay via online - For more information on tick diseases, click Why We Test. Please contact Yumi Burnett if you have any questions.
Greyt Howlidays 2015 GREYT HOWLIDAYS CRAFTS FAIR - Saturday, November 7, 2015, 1pm to 3:30pm Brightwater Community Room 22505 SR 9 SE Woodinville, WA 98072 If you would like to set up a vendor booth at our event, please contact: Chris Nooney - 206.228.8942  This is a greyhound and/or greyhound mix only event. No other breeds. Please keep your dog leashed and scoop after your dog. Thanks for your cooperation.
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CAR and BOAT DONATIONS: Have an old car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to Greyhound Pets, Inc.! Making a donation is EASY! It's as easy as filling out the online donation form or picking up a phone and speaking to a live operator. Donate your car, truck, boat, motor home and/or motorcycle - towed away at no cost to you! 100% tax deductible. For more info, click here.
THERAPLATE - What is a TheraPlate and how can it benefit you and the dogs?  Find out more here.

Can't adopt?  Then sponsor a dog!
Here are two of our Forever Fosters?
Sponsor Me!
Lady Hansy
Lady is a brood mom and is now, well deservedly, retired and enjoying life. Lady has lived for the past several years in the same Forever Foster home as her long lost sister, Zora, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year.  

Due to her age, Lady will continue to live in her Forever Foster home where she is loved and understood.  Would you please consider sponsoring Lady to help GPI defray the costs of her care?  Thank you for considering her.
Hansy is a sweet, gentle, loving soul. He loves to lay by the fire or go for short walks. He loves soccer balls and stuffed toys.  Hansy has some old track injuries, which require acupuncture treatments and other medical care. 

Your sponsorship donation for Lady, Hansy, Check, Jada and other available dogs and/or Forever Fosters will help defray the costs involved in making our long term fosters comfortable in their Forever Foster homes during their final days. 

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Velvet, October Dog of the Month

October Dog of the Month!

Donations are always welcome and needed!



Greyhound Pets, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of greyhounds and greyhound mixes, serving the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada  To see GPI's full Mission Statement click here.


Any adopter who cannot keep their greyhound for any reason, please contact the appropriate regional VP.
N. Puget Sound: Kathy Kreyling, 425-643-2076
S. Puget Sound: Chris Nooney, 206-228-8942
Northern WA:
Janet Keough, 360-220-1891
Tri Cities area WA: Moira Corrigan, 206-718-0475 
All areas in Canada:
Steve Waines, 604-808-9337
and Michelle Buchan, 604-764-0432
All other areas:
Moira Corrigan, 206-718-0475

Donate Now through Network for Good - GPI is now registered with Network for Good for receiving donations from on-line sources. Just click on the link above or the Network For Good image for more information.

Privacy Policy Statement from Greyhound Pets, Inc.

Needle Nose ROOtique News

Purple muzzle
ROOtique - Need a new muzzle, leash or a new collar? Check out the Rootique  Or, you can visit the Rootique in person every 2nd Sat, 1-3pm at Hern Greyt Works.  See our calendar for details. 

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