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GPI History

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John A. Hern Jr. founded Greyhound Pets, Inc. in 1985.

John was a Coeur D'Alene Idaho businessman who built a foundry business and owned Industrial Park real estate. Among John's many and varied interests, he held greyt admiration for ex-racing greyhounds and became committed to their care and welfare. As the greyhound racetrack opened in Coeur D'Alene John started a small side business providing feed and racing equipment to track kennels. He demonstrated his commitment to the dogs by being instrumental in building a track sponsored Greyhound Welfare Committee that reviewed track and kennel policies.

John adopted several greyhounds after Roo and Babe. Ace was one of his favorites and was the subject of many of John's stories. John was the executive director of Greyhound Pets, Inc. for many years and oversaw expansion to include the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada. John's generous bequest to the organization he founded has provided for GPI's continued prominence in the ex-racing greyhound rescue effort. The volunteers who continue in the efforts John began, honor his colorful leadership in finding homes for ex-racers.

John’s love for the Ex-Racer Greyhound is shown and remembered in “Hern Greyt Works”, GPI’s  completed kennel facility in Woodinville, WA.


Greyhound Pets, Inc. is a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to the welfare of greyhounds and greyhound mixes, serving the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada. We work to find responsible, loving homes for the dogs in our care. Through the efforts of our valued volunteers and benefactors, we provide loving support and veterinary services to the dogs directly in our care and ongoing resources and education for our adoptive families and the public. To see GPI's full Mission Statement click here.


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