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Oneco Didgeridoo
Tag No: 4754
Submitted by: Helen and Caroline Bosch

Bosco trying out for lure coursing
Having a nap with his favourite stuffy
Bosco and Prince waiting for the Christms turkey to be basted again, mmmm smells sooooo good!!!!

My forever family came to pick me up Sept. 20/07. I had a long stressful car ride home to Chilliwack BC, but now I don't mind riding in the car. I so love my new name; Bosco, it's so manly and strong. Caroline got it from the TV show Third Watch. "Diggy Do" just didn't cut it anymore.

I have 2 whippet sisters; Pixie & Cleo they are waaaay older than me and I have learned a lot from them, they know how to do lots of things. (wink, wink) I also have 2 siamese cat siblings, Chiyo and Coco (he's the only other boy besides me). I got a new cousin in December - Prince, he's a cute little whippet puppy who pees on everything when he's excited, the girls weren't too fussy for him because he's kinda' hyper, but I didn't mind him at all.

My human family are Mom Helen and Caroline. I love when Grandma comes over, she always has treats. I quickly learned to sniff her pockets and check her purse, and sure enough there is always something tasty. Leonard; Prince's Dad is my favourite, he works in the dog food factory, mmmm he always smells so good. He gets annoyed when I sniff him, I guess I do get carried away!

I mostly spend my day snoozing on the couch, Mom finally bought a 2nd one for herself, but I prefer to sleep there. I will only sleep in Mom's bed, Caroline's just isn't big enough for 4. We have a huge back yard to run in, I can actually run full tilt, but boy am I pooped after that. Pixie is great to run with, she is a Field Champion (I'm a little jealous). I tried out for lure coursing and certified the first day, so I'm hoping to get in a little coursing this spring, I think I can be a field champion too.

I love my forever home, I feel relaxed and happy here, I wag my tail now and bark like crazy when anyone comes to the door, I never knew barking was so fun!! They keep telling me greyhounds don't bark, yeah right! I have no more dandruff and the hair on by back legs is finally growing in....whew I thought I was going to need Rogaine! I've learned to sit and lie down on command, but my sisters still have me beat with that come, sit and finnish stuff - I can't figure out why I should do that.

I have started going to Mom's work to visit the old folks (she's a nurse in a senior's home) I really had a good time, all the people wanted to pet me and kiss me, I didn't even mind the one who hugged me so hard. When they heard my life story they were amazed, I guess I'm just an amazing guy (ha ha).



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