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This page was updated on April 2, 2018

From Track to Couch


Help us get the dogs from the track to GPI and their forever homes and the couch.

For more info, click the image or here.
Artwork by Robin James


GPI is currently in need of more Kuranda Dog Beds for our kennel dogs.  If you   would like to donate a bed to GPI, please click the image or here for more info.  You will be taken directly to GPI's Kuranda Bed Donation page.  Thank you!
GPI has a wonderful new kennel that allows us to house the greyhounds while they are waiting for their foster and forever homes. GPI needs your donations to run the Hern Greyt Works Kennel and to vet and care for the dogs. You have a number of ways in which you can donate and be recognized:


Donate now through eTapestry

Greyhound Pets, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization.  100% of all donations go directly to the care and upkeep of our ex-racing Greyhounds up for adoption.


Your donations will work directly toward the care of hundreds of retired racing Greyhounds who might not otherwise have the opportunity to find life with a loving family.

Greyhounds are gentle affectionate dogs that are wonderful companions for any family. To get from racetrack to couch, they need the generous support of people like you. Your check can be made out to GPI and mailed to:

Greyhound Pets, Inc.
P.O. Box 891
Woodinville, WA  98072

Or if you prefer the convenience of secure online donations through the services of eTapestry, just click on the two dog logo button above.

When you use our "Donate Now" button, you can use a major credit card and you'll receive a confirmation receipt for your tax record

Thank you for helping to preserve the grace, beauty, speed and gentle manner of ex-racing greyhounds in their search for a "Forever Home".

6,000 Greytful Greyhounds and Counting.

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Matching Fund Donations


Don't forget that many employers have matching fund programs for charitable donations. GPI greatly benefits  from donations that are DOUBLED by matching corporate funds


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Sponsor a Kennel Run

Run Sponsorship Plaques


A bright brushed gold finished Racer in stretch flight pose mounted in positive relief on a gold-framed ebony plaque is waiting to be engraved to the personal specifications of a run sponsor. After display on a donor-selected kennel run for one year of sponsorship recognition, the Golden Racer will be lifted from the background plaque and presented to the donor. It can then be easily displayed in any manner the donor might desire in their home or office surroundings. The sample pictured above does not do the plaque full justice so schedule a time with one of our volunteers to see the real thing and select a run to sponsor. Several have been selected already.

A one year sponsorship is available for a donation of $500.00 or more. Such a donation will support the care and housing of a greyhound for one year. Individuals or groups are invited to sponsor a run.

Please note that there may be a delay in posting the engraved greyhounds at the kennel as these items are submitted for inscription approximately 8 times per year. We appreciate your patience.

Donate now through eTapestry! - If you prefer the convenience of a secure online transaction to sponsor your run, just click our "Donate Now" button.
- Run Sponsorship can also be done by sending a check via snail-mail to GPI's P.O. Box address.
- On the spot sponsorship can be done when selecting a run at Hern Greyt Works by putting an envelope with run selection and sponsorship donation into the donation box in the lobby.
- You will be contacted for specifics on your desired engraving.

The following donors are presently sponsoring runs at Hern Greyt Works, our kennel.

Carl, Barb, Ellie & Maddie Nehrling 2018
Kathy Kreyling #11 in Honor of Sophie 2018
The Munro Family - In memory of Jack Munro 2018
Kathy Kreyling #11 in Honor of Sophie 2017
Clarke Family Foundation "To continuing the adventures of Patrick J. & Brenda J. Clarke"
Ann Moody In Loving Memory of "Imp" 2017
Fernandes Family In Loving Memory of "Tawny" Love, Pradeep, Janet, & Kina 2017
Cindy & Richard Glover 2017
Carl, Barb, Ellie & Maddie Nehrling  "Love to all who enter" 2017
The Munro Family - In memory of Jack Munro 2017
Maureen Swanson - In Honor of Comet
Maureen Swanson - In Honor of Bada & Magic
Carl, Barbara & Ellie Nehrling - Love to all who enter
Sue Curtis - 2016
The Munro Family - In memory of Jack Munro 2016
Jeani Penn - Buck (Forever Foster)
Eleanor Radford - In Memory of "Thomas"
Brenda Clarke - In Memory of Pat Clarke
Karyn Boser - In Memory of "Cinny"
Kim Shine In Honor of, Memory of & etc... 2015
Bev & Rich Oliver 2015
Brenda Clarke - In honour of Moira 2015
The Munro Family - In memory of Jack Munro 2015
Kathy Kreyling, Honoring Sophie 2015
Sue Curtis - 2015
Rick & Cindy Glover 2015
Matthew & Catherine Tedesco - Run sponsored by Knight & Bishop Tedesco 2015
Pradeep, Janet, Kina Fernandes & "Tawny" 2012-2013
Nancy Cannon "In Honor of Askit"
Ross and Chris Nooney
Richard and Beverly Oliver - In memory of Phoebe 2014
Ann Moody - In memory of Rocker
Katherine Kreyling - Honoring Sophie
To Honor Kermit, From those that loved him
Ann Moody - Renewed for 2011-2012, thank you!!
Cathy and Steve Shochet - Coco, Dash & Skye ~Briefly in our lives forever in our hearts~
Bonnie "Jo" Rhodes In Memory of Blondie
Bonnie "Jo" Rhodes In Memory of Fancy
Chris and Diana Baird
Rick and Cindy Glover
Kathy Kreyling Honoring "Turtle"
Bev and Rich Oliver
Leigh Smith
Corinne Cera
Ann Moody - To honor Atlas and Odin
Ron & Beverly Oliver - Their huge, Loving Heart ask only for someone to receive 2014
Alexis Lund
Rebecca & Steve Iwai

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Gifting Tree


Our Gifting Tree recognizes each of our wonderful patrons who has donated more than $250. Donate more than $250 and receive an engraved greyhound on our Gifting Tree.

- A Bronze Greyhound will honor a patron whose annual contributions total between $250 and $499.
- A Silver Greyhound will honor a patron whose annual contributions total between $500 and $999.
- A Gold Greyhound will honor a patron whose annual contributions total $1000 or more.


gifttree.jpg (60974 bytes)


treedogs.jpg (38099 bytes)

There is a choice of 3 different greyhound poses.


The Gifting Tree was painted by one of our wonderful volunteers, Robin James. Bunny Richardson also worked on many aspects of the Tree. Thank you to Robin and Bunny - the tree is beautiful!!!!

- If you prefer the convenience of a secure online donation, just click our "Donate Now" button.
- You can also donate by sending a check via snail-mail to GPI's PO Box address.
- You will be contacted for your choice of greyhound pose and specifics on your desired engraving.

 Donate now through eTapestry

Please note that there may be a delay in posting the engraved greyhounds at the kennel as these items are submitted for inscription approximately 8 times per year. We appreciate your patience.

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Greyt Gifts Book

The "Greyt Gifts Book" will be a permanent volume showing those donors who have contributed to the Hern Greyt Works kennel project development and/or operation in amounts less than $250. Donations can be made "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of" a person or a greyhound with that sentiment recorded in the book which will be updated quarterly.

greytgiftsbook.jpg (74937 bytes)

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Sponsor a Dog

Can't adopt a (another) Greyhound right now?  That special bond can still be yours by sponsoring one of GPI's available hounds while he/she is looking for his/her "Forever Home".

A Sponsorship Donation of $20, $50 or whatever you are able to provide will identify your special relationship with your selected Greyhound.  Your sponsorship will be celebrated on the "Available Dogs" pages of GPI's website. Experience that shared joy when your sponsored Greyhound chooses a family to adopt.

The typical cost of preparing an ex-racer for adoption far exceeds the $300 adoption donation.  Your generous sponsorship can help fill that gap. Foster care and special needs can add to the support costs of some Greyhounds during an extended search for the perfect family.

Here's how to sponsor a Greyhound:

1.  Review the Available Dogs page on GPI's website -
2.  Send an e-mail to Robin James, GPI's Treasurer, at
robinjamesgpi@gmail.com.  Let Robin know which Hound you would like to sponsor.
3.  Payment of your sponsorship can be made online. Just click our "Donate Now" button, below.
4.  Sponsorship donations are tax deductible in the USA.

We will then let your selected hound know about your generous sponsorship!!!

Greyhound Sponsorship is an equal opportunity opportunity. No matter what your shoe size, you too can participate.

Stand taller in a crowd and know the reason why. Be a Sponsor.

Donate now through eTapestry! Be sure to mention which dog you'd like to support with your sponsorship donation.

Checks can be sent to:

Greyhound Pets, Inc.
Robin James, Treasurer
P.O. Box 891
Woodinville, WA  98072

Be sure to mention which dog(s) you'd like to sponsor!  Thanks for your support!

Our current 2018 sponsors are: (Please bow, applaud, or salute according to custom.) Sponsorships from past years can be found here.  All dogs adopted or who went to the Rainbow Bridge during the previous 12 months are moved to our past Sponsorship page at the end of the year.  Thank you for your support.

Sue Curtis - Shadow #6070
Kimiko Nakatani - Ryo - Adopted!!
Margaret & David Hudson - Neil #6100, At the Rainbow Bridge
Ann Walker - Tessa #6133
Joanne & Doug Zbetnoff - Neil #6100, At the Rainbow Bridge
Joanne & Doug Zbetnoff - Venti #5580
Becky Henry - Tessa #6133
Becky Henry - Pete #6139
Karen Sroka - Tessa #6133
Cathy Munro - Dixie #6043
Maureen Swanson - Denise #5964
Janet & Ronald Foster - Demi #5811 - Forever Foster
Bob and Lea Ann Morris - Venti #5580
Marc Savage - Check #5593 - Forever Foster, At the Rainbow Bridge

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Donate a Bag of Food


dogfooddrive.jpg (453407 bytes)


Foster and Kennel Dogs Need Food


Sadly, our source for food for our foster dogs is no more and our larder is getting very empty. 

We’d like to restock our foster food pantry.  Can you help us? 

You can help restock our foster food pantry in several ways: 

-    Pick up a bag of Kirkland Lamb and Rice Kibble and drop it off at the kennel   (90% of our dogs eat Lamb and Rice kibble)

-    Pick up a bag of Kirkland Chicken and Rice Kibble and drop it off at the kennel

-    Make a donation through our "Donate Now" button, below, and in the "Additional Comments", designate your donation for food for foster dogs.

-    Search out other sources of good quality kibble.  Talk to your local pet store and see if they have any bags of good quality kibble to donate to us.

We’d love to be able to continue to provide food for our available dogs in foster homes.

Call before dropping off food at the kennel so we can make sure someone knows you are coming and that someone will be there.  Please call Moira (H: 425-333-0515 or C: 206-718-0475) or Robin (425-481-3501) to arrange drop-off or pickup.   Also, please call Moira with any questions.

 Donate now through eTapestry!

We always need donations of dry dog food for the kennel dogs and fosters. As mentioned, we prefer donations of dry Kirkland Lamb and Rice for the dogs as well as the Kirkland biscuit treats.

Make a donation through our "Donate Now" button, below, and in the "Additional Comments", designate your donation for food for kennel dogs.

We can also use supplements at our kennel.  Occasionally, a dog comes in that can use a little extra TLC and FFAs.  Things like Missing Link, glucosamine and anything with FFAs such as fish oil, we would be happy to take.

Thank you for your help!.

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Donate a car, boat or motorhome

GPI Car & Boat Donations.jpg

CAR and BOAT DONATIONS: Have an old car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to Greyhound Pets, Inc.! Making a donation is EASY! It's as easy as filling out the online donation form or picking up a phone and speaking to a live operator. Donate your car, truck, boat, motor home and/or motorcycle - towed away at no cost to you! 100% tax deductible. For more info, click here.


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Might Good Things - Clutter to Cash

Might Good Things 

Hidden treasures collecting dust around your home? Maybe an old smartphone? A juicer you no longer use? Last season's designer bag? Send them to our friends at Mighty Good Things - for FREE! Items are sold on marketplaces like eBay, and Greyhound Pets, Inc. will receive 100% of the net proceeds. You'll even get a donation receipt for tax time. Start Here.

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Sponsor of the Month

Why not be our Sponsor of the Month and help your business and the dogs at the same time?  We post information about you and/or your business on our website home page, Facebook page and email chat lists for an agreed upon month. To become a sponsor it takes $250.  We then need a picture and a paragraph or two about you and/or your business. Contact Moira Corrigan at fastpaws@centurytel.net and talk about available months. Thank you for helping the dogs!

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Kennel Needs

Our Hern Greyt Works kennel needs are always changing so please check this list often for the items we     currently could use more of.


Needed Kennel Items - Folks always ask what we need for the dogs at Hern Greyt Works. Things we always need: Blankets, quilts and treats (preferably the Kirkland brand dog biscuits). 

Here is a list of the current items we need at our kennel:

Needed Kennel Items - We're frequently asked what we need at the kennel. We always need blankets and quilts for the dogs. Please, no baby sized blankets/quilts - they are too small for the dogs.  No knitted/crotched blankets - the dogs' nails get caught in the holes.  Down filled bedding - makes a horrible mess when it breaks open and no foam-type blankets.  Also, we're in need of:
- Safeway Creamy Peanut Butter
- Kuranda Dog Beds
- Kirkland dog biscuits
- Bedding for the dogs both with stuffing and without stuffing of any kind (Please see note above)
- Bleach
- Kirkland Lamb and Rice Kibble
- 13 gallon plastic bags with ties
- Stamps (49 cents or "Forever")
- Glucosamine HCL powder
- Canned pumpkin (not the pie mix, but the plain pumpkin)
- Baking Soda (the big bags from Costco) - we use this to help neutralize the urine smell in the small yard.
- Other needed items can be found on our Amazon Wish List

Donate now through eTapestry!

gallop.jpg (12161 bytes)

Privacy Policy Statement from Greyhound Pets, Inc.

Greyhound Pets, Inc. accepts 

payselectCards.gif (3409 bytes)



Please click the Donate Now icon above to use your preferred option

If you have any questions about donation methods or about sponsorship of a particular greyhound please email our treasurer Robin James at robinjamesgpi@gmail.com.  Greyhound Pets, Inc. thanks you for your continued support.

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Donation Programs

Here are the various shopping programs that benefit GPI.  Your participation in these programs helps the dogs.

Amazon Smile Program Fred Meyer
Link your Rewards Card to NPO #94599
Amazon Canadian shoppers can shop here.
Join Amazon Prime - Watch Over 40,000 Movies

GPI Amazon Wish List
Bartell Drugs E Scripts iGive

Go to http://rescuechocolate.myshopify.com and hit the "Buy Online" button on the upper left hand side. For every item ordered (excluding mini bars), Rescue Chocolate will donate $1 to GPI. Just make sure when you order you type in GREYHOUND PETS INC into the Gift Note field on the Cart before Checkout.
SPARE CHANGE DRIVE - Do you have lots of spare change lying around?  Why not donate it to the dogs. Pick up a take-out box at the kennel (or any other disposable container) to collect spare change. When you are ready to donate, bring the container to the kennel in Woodinville and drop it off in the designated collection box.  Thank you for helping the dogs.

Donate up to 30% of your purchase price to Greyhound Pets Inc. when you shop at 1800+ popular online retailers using Giving Assistant! It’s easy. Giving Assistant pays you cash back, and you choose how much of it you’d like to donate to us. Try it now and find great deals like JCPenney Coupons, as well as savings at great places like eBay and Kmart!
To participate in this program, please use the Giving Assistant banner below.

Bissell Lost Pets USA BISSELL Homecare, Inc. has a long-standing commitment to support and advocate for homeless pets, and, as a family run company, this passion starts at the very top. Our pet initiatives are the culmination of years of dedication to homeless animals by BISSELL’s Director of Corporate Affairs and BISSELL Pet Foundation Founder, Cathy Bissell, who believes that every pet should have a home and every home should have a pet.



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