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This page was updated on September 26, 2016

Demi February 13, 2016 - Greyhound Pets, Inc. would like to introduce you to Demi, racing name Mohican Damalis. For those of you who have been to the kennel, you know she is an absolutely sweet, affectionate and darling girl. She will be 3 years old tomorrow.

Soon after Demi arrived we found she had a mass on her rectum. It was removed and histology was done which sadly told us she had lymphoma. After consulting with the oncologist where it was determined that there was more than a 95% chance that she would go into remission with chemotherapy, and the fact that she was otherwise healthy & young it was decided she deserved a chance and to treat her. Without treatment the oncologist gives her 2 to 3 months. She will be going through the very successful, with low side effects (less than 15% having any), Madison-Wisconsin Protocol. It consists of weekly chemo treatment for 9 weeks then every other week for 17 weeks. Her white blood cells will be monitored weekly to make sure everything is going in a positive direction.

Demi is living in a forever foster home where she is already truly loved and will receive the best possible care. As you can imagine this type of treatment is expensive. If you would like to donate to help with her treatment expenses, please go to our website www.greyhoundpetsinc.org or click the link below and note that your donation is for Demi. To thank everyone Demi has decided to Blog about her treatment and life, so stay tuned for her first post!

To help with Demi's medical expenses, please donate via our Network for Good link and designate that your donation is for Demi.

Demi February 14, 2016 - *tap, tap, tap*, hello is there anybody out there? Dis is Demi and dis is my first frog! What momma? It's not a frog, it's a blog, oh, ok. Then dis is my first blog. I'm a special girl, I have lymphoma and I plan on kicking its #%$! Imma going to share my journey with you if that's ok? Stay tuned!  

Demi's birthday  February 15, 2016 - Guessy what? Guessy what? It's my 3rd birthday today! It's dat 1st one that has been celebrated tho, but dat momma & aunts are making up for losty time! Cookies, pigs that squeak, balls and I heard something about a cake! Some people have asked about sending me presents but I have so, so much already. If yous wanty to help you can go to www.greyhoundpetsing.org or click the donation button above and donate towards my lymphoma treatment. That would be the bestest gift ever! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....  (Video birthday link)

Demi February 18, 2016 - Demi came home from her chemotherapy with a birthday present & bandana today, squeak, squeak, squeak! Thank you Veterinary Oncology Center for taking great care of her.

Desi and Demi February 18, 2016 - Desi is very protective of Demi when she gets home from chemotherapy!

Demi getting a chemo treatment February 26, 2016 - Hello everyone dis is Demi! I have some pictures from my last chemotherapy treatment to share wit yous. Dis is at dat Veterinary Oncology Clinic in Renton. As yous can see it's easy as pie (yum, pie sounds goody) and they love on me the wholes time. I have had nos side effects and feel greyt! If yous is able to donate towards my treatment I would appreciate it and even send yous a thank you in an email! You can do so at www.greyhoundpetsinc.org or use the Network for Good button above.
(More photos of Demi's chemo treatment can be found on GPI's Facebook page.)

Demi and Desi March 2, 2016 - Hello dis is Demi, Here's a am out for a walk with my big brother Desi. He has been showing me the ropes and teaching me how to be a dog. The 2nd picture is me after the walk, yep I gots the relaxing thing down! If yous would like to donate towards my chemotherapy yous can do so at www.greyhoundpetsinc.org. Please note that it's for me.

Demi resting March 2, 2016 - Hello dis is Demi, Here's a am out for a walk with my big brother Desi. He has been showing me the ropes and teaching me how to be a dog. The 2nd picture is me after the walk, yep I gots the relaxing thing down! If yous would like to donate towards my chemotherapy yous can do so at www.greyhoundpetsinc.org. Please note that it's for me.

Demi and Desi March 7, 2016 - Hi dis is Demi, which way should we go?! I lovey my pink raincoat on these rainy days! Cancer, smancer, it's not slowing me down!

Demi Peek a Boo March 9, 2016 - Hello, dis Demi, peek-a-boo!

Demi after chemo March 17, 2016 - Hi, dis is Demi, chemotherapy can tire a girl out. Do you like my shamrock bandana I got at the vet today?!

April 6, 2016 - Demi and Dr. Sarbu who is treating Demi for lymphoma.

Demi April 9, 2016 - Hi, dis is Demi, help I've fallen and I can't get up *giggle giggle*!

Demi April 9, 2016 - Hi dis is Demi, as you can see I worked on my tan today. We celebrated as I have graduated to every other week chemo, woohoo! Dis is Demi, bye.

Demi April 13, 2016 - Hi dis is Demi, it's important to do morning stretches! And don't forget to smile.  :)

  April 13, 2016 - *Squeak squeak squeak*

Demi May 3, 2016 - Hi dis is Demi.  Guess where I'm going tomorrow?!

(We don't even know where she's going.)

  May 12, 2016 - Hi, dis is Demi. I give my brother a head start so he doesn't feel bad!

Demi's ear May 13, 2016 - Hi, dis is Demi, has anyone seen my ear?!

  May 13, 2016 - Hi, dis is Demi.  Nose what?  (Get it?)  Here's the latest update on my chemo treatments.

Demi and Desi May 23, 2016 - Look mamma! I met my second cousin WhistleTime today. He sure is nice and kind of handsome too. We have a lot in common and we hope to see each other again soon. And I did not eat his cat friend Jean Claude.

Demi May 26, 2016 - Desi is wowed by supermodel Demi sporting the latest fashion from the streets of Paris.

Demi roaching after chemo treatment May 27, 2016 - Demi putting her feet up yesterday after her visit to the oncology vet. You would never know this sweet girl has Lymphoma. Demi is such a trooper and goes right into her cancer treatments with such grace. You are an inspiration.

Demi May 29, 2016 - Hi, dis iz Demi, I don't understand why my momma is laughing at me!

Demi June 1, 2016 - Good luck with your chemo tomorrow sweet Demi. We will all be thinking of you. Love, your many fans. To follow Demi's story or to find out how you can help fund her Lymphoma treatments here is her link ❤️. http://www.greyhoundpetsinc.org/demi.html  (by Robin Reich)

Demi June 5, 2016 - This is Demi - she wasn't at the Expo, but Moira couldn't resist taking a picture of this darling girl at the kennel between Expo shifts.  She is tolerating her chemo treatments so well!

  June 15, 2016 - Demi talks about her upcoming ultrasound.

Demi July 13, 2016 - Shhhhh, after breakfast nap! Demi had her next to last chemotherapy yesterday, doing fantastic!!

  July 14, 2016 - Update from Demi.

  August 3, 2016 - Health update from Demi plus an invitation to a celebration at the kennel on Saturday, August 13, 2016, 1-3pm.  More details on our website calendar at: http://www.greyhoundpetsinc.org/ww.html

Demi enjoying a bully stick September 26, 2016 - Having a celebratory pizzle stick on the way home from her ultrasound. Demi passed with flying colors, cancer free!!


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