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This page was updated on December 20, 2007.

Brave Blake

Lilian Testart from Vancouver Island wrote:

    With imminent rain, I brought in the deck cushions and placed them on the floor against the patio doors, with a strict self-reminder that when I retired I would put them up from the floor duct.

About 5:30 am I was awakened by my Blake barking from afar. I wasn't alarmed that he wasn't in bed, only annoyed that he wanted me out of bed. I called him back, but he persisted. I tried to ignore him but he just wouldn't be quiet. I crawled down the stairs. The smoke alarm is at the height of that landing, it was silent. Blake began to talk as he saw me. His feet planted, face glued on my slow progress, his talk urging me awake and forward toward him.

He nose pointed at the chair cushions by the door. As I grabbed the cushions he didn't flinch, just waited, then quiet. I sat beside him on his bed, both panting, as we waited for the melting cushion to cool, and we thanked the day that Auntie Martha put us together.

Blake & Lillian and Please who slept, and the rabbit & fish that without Blake may have had to move and Margaret Thatcher, the iron lady (a cat) who would not have adopted these greyt dogs last week.

(These pictures were taken in 2001)

Blake, enjoying a beautiful day on the lawn.

Blake, helping mom Lilian with her garden pond project.


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