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This section is a general guide for new adopters.

Our adoption activities are centered around Western Washington, Vancouver (B.C.), and Eastern Washington. If you are too far away from our volunteers, we will refer you to a group closer to you.

If you are new to greyhound adoption, please contact one of our Vice Presidents or Adoption Representatives nearest to you to find out about our adoption program. Contact Us. Or, if you're just looking for information about our adoption requirements and greyhounds in general, you can find it here - FAQs

After you've contacted an adoption representative and decided to proceed with the adoption application, you can expedite the process by downloading the application form - Forms. Please fill out the application form. Do NOT mail the form to the head office. The adoption representative who will be making a visit to your home will need to sign off the form to approve your application. All new potential adopters will be required to fill out an Application for Adoption and have a home visit prior to adopting a greyhound.

Once you have an approved application, you can check out the available dogs in your area here - Available Dogs. Some of these dogs will be brought to weekly booths to meet with potential adopters. Check out our booth schedules here - Calendar. You can also check with the adoption representative to find out if the dog you're interested in will be at a booth that you can visit.

If you are new to greyhound adoption, or are adopting a second dog not long after you got your first greyhound, we suggest you work closely with your adoption representative or Vice President to help you pick a dog that will fit in with your situation. Most of these greyhounds have very gentle, loving behavior, but some of them may be too rambunctious or too skittish to be around active, younger children. Please do not think of these greyhounds as less than perfect. For example, a greyhound that does not get along with cats or other dogs will be perfect in a home without cats or other dogs. It doesn't mean that he is less loving than a greyhound that ignores cats or does fine with other dogs.

To find out more about greyhounds and our adoption requirements, please check here - FAQs.

A note about the dogs in our kennel: Dogs in the kennel are usually fresh from the track and have not been evaluated in a home environment (unless they were retuned form a previous home). For dogs that have recently arrived at the kennel, we often won’t be able to answer questions such as friendliness with cats, other dogs, or children, ability to handle staircases or being left alone for a few hours. We do our best to evaluate each dog and expose them to as many new things as possible, but a dog can act very differently in kennel and home environments. We are here to support you and the dog though whether he/she has been in a home before or only in the kennel.

Cat Trainable Dogs - There are many people with cats looking to adopt greyhounds. If you do not have cats, we ask that you only consider adopting a dog that is not cat friendly. These dogs need homes just as much as the cat friendly dogs and we ask your help in reserving the cat friendly dogs for those homes that truly need them.

Apartments, Condominiums, TownHomes - GPI reserves the right not to place a greyhound under 3 years of age in a condominium, townhome or apartment, due to their expected energy levels and activity needs.

GPI also reserves the right not to place greyhounds deemed as high energy in a condominium, townhome or apartment.

EXCEPTIONS to these policies may be considered for a particular dog, but they must be pre-approved by the President (or his/her board of director’s designee) AND the applicable Regional VP.

What comes next after you have adopted your greyhound? If you're looking for a greyhound savvy vet, or some other greyhound owners to walk your dog with, or even a baby sitter, we have a list of information here - Information. You can sign up to our e-mail chat list to share stories or ask any questions about your greyhound. A lot of our subscribers are our long time volunteers and adopters with lots of experience and information to help you get your greyhound adjust to retirement life - Chat Lists. If you have the time, we are always looking for volunteers to help out with booth activities, or transporting dogs, or even at the kennel if you live close to the kennel. For our volunteer activities, please check here - Volunteers.

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